What Does A Comma Tattoo Mean?

What Does A Comma Tattoo Mean
Comma Tattoo Symbolism – The fact that the comma tattoo meaning isn’t clear is a meaning all its own. It gives an air of mystery to its owner, which is sometimes the effect that they want to give off. It’s the type of tattoo that pretty much forces people to ask about, which could be what the owner is going for.

This isn’t the type of tattoo that people regret getting even if the “mysterious” meaning wears off at some point. Commas separate two parts of a sentence, so a comma tattoo could imply that the owner has separated from someone or some other type of separation has affected their lives.

Since most comma tattoos are smaller, it can be placed inside of other tattoos to keep the “separation” meaning a bit more private to the owner. There are a ton of tattoo designs that convey that the owner is an avid reader, but the comma tattoo is shooting up the ranks.

  1. Some people don’t want huge tattoos, so the comma is perfect for them when they want to get something inconspicuous yet meaningful;
  2. Even book lovers who thought that they’d never get a tattoo might be too tempted by the comma to pass it up;

Similarly, the comma tattoo could be there to show that the owner has a love for writing. It could be a great tattoo for novelists, songwriters, poets, or any other type of writer. Commas might just be small punctuation marks to most people, but they hold plenty of meaning for people who use them professionally.

The comma tattoo can also mean “waiting” in more ways than one. For instance, it could mean that someone is waiting to do something significant in their lives or for someone to come into their lives. It could mean “waiting” in a less meaningful way in that they are waiting to add more words around the comma tattoo.

It’s one of those rare tattoos that is meaningful even when it doesn’t have a meaning attached to it yet.

What the semicolon tattoo really stands for?

What does semicolon tattoo mean? A semicolon tattoo is a tattoo of the semicolon punctuation mark (;) used as a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.

Can anyone get a semicolon tattoo?

While you don’t have to get a semicolon tattoo because of its meaning, those who get the tattoo usually do so to honor someone—whether that’s a friend, a relative, or yourself—or to raise awareness of mental illness, suicide, addiction, or self-harm.

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What is the tattoo for depression?

Heart with Semicolon This is a simple but elegant tattoo that makes a statement about depression and would serve as a reminder to love yourself and keep going. Other options might be to have a small heart beside a semicolon or to make the dotted part of the semicolon a heart itself.

What does 3 dots in a row mean tattoo?

Three dots in a line tattoo – When three dots are designed in a straight line, they are thought to represent that a sentence is not yet complete. This can mean the wearer is still on their life’s journey, or is going through a process of change. This type of tattoo is also known as an ‘ellipsis’ and can have a spiritual meaning with the three dots illustrating a number of different spiritual concepts. What Does A Comma Tattoo Mean.

What is the tattoo for mental health?

Semicolon – A semicolon tattoo through the lens of mental health is a symbol of solidarity between those of us who live and struggle with a mental illness or who have lost someone to suicide. “Semicolons are a very traditional, very popular mental health tattoo and they represent that it’s not the end,” explains Roman.

What is the suicide prevention tattoo?

When it comes to picking out a Mental Health Awareness Tattoo, we tend to have this long internal conversation with ourselves. What will it mean to me? How will people interpret it?  What kinds of conversations will it bring up? In this post, we will show you some amazing submissions by people in our Facebook group, Suicide Prevention Rocks , and give you some ideas you can take on as your own.

The most common mental health illness in the United States is major depressive disorder. It affects millions of people each year and affects roughly 7% of the population. And for many people, dealing with and curing depression is a lifelong process – but it’s one each and every one of us can overcome when given the right tools.

Because it is such an important aspect of society, a lot of individuals are attempting to break the stigma around mental health struggles and let others know they are not alone, by getting a mental health or suicide prevention related tattoo. Mental health and suicide prevention related tattoos are a way to show your support for those who suffer from mental illness and raise awareness.

  • They can also be seen as a form of self-healing, as they put a constant reminder in place to show what you have overcome in life yourself;
  • These tattoos matter because they help to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues;

They also provide comfort and support to those who need it in their own mental health journeys. In this article, we will list all of the submissions we’ve received so far and reveal the story behind all of these tattoos.

Where should I put my semicolon tattoo?

Usually, the best placement for your semicolon tattoo is over your wrist. This idea will remind you that you have a story to tell, and that your journey is still not over. Remind yourself on a daily of how far you’ve come, and enjoy its spiritual connection.

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What are trauma tattoos?

A traumatic tattoo is when foreign bodies become forcibly embedded in the dermis and create a permanent tattoo. Such particles may include fireworks, sand, metal, glass, gunpowder, asphalt, dust, petroleum products, and graphite from pencil point injuries.

What is the symbol for mental illness?

The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness. Wear a green ribbon to show colleagues, loved ones or simply those you walk past that you care about their mental health. It can also be worn in memory of a loved one.

What is the symbol for mental strength?

6 Mental Health Symbols & Meanings – If you’re looking for meaningful mental health tattoos, there are so many options to choose from. Some people choose a word, mantra, or quote that resonates with them and their particular struggles, while others prefer to choose a symbol that represents a specific condition, or that serves as a reminder to stay strong.

  1. There are so many mental health symbols you can choose from, and we’ve shared some common ones below;
  2. SEROTONIN Serotonin (aka the ‘happy chemical’) is a naturally occurring chemical that’s responsible for regulating mood, digestion, sleep, and more;

Low levels of serotonin can cause mood instability, depression, and anxiety, and many people who suffer from one or more of these conditions opt to get a serotonin tattoo as a reminder that their struggles are not their fault, but rather a chemical imbalance in their brain.

  1. SEMICOLON Semicolon tattoos were inspired by Project Semicolon – a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention;
  2. A semicolon is used by writers when they choose not to end a sentence, and a semicolon tattoo is used to remind someone that their story isn’t over;

Over time, the semicolon has been used to represent mental health awareness, including anxiety. GREEN RIBBON The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental health. LOTUS FLOWER In Eastern religions, the lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment and rebirth.

Lotus flowers grow in deep mud, so many people choose it as a tattoo design to symbolize how they’ve risen from hardship, and as a reminder that they can overcome anything. BUTTERFLY Butterfly tattoos are often used to symbolize beauty and transformation.

The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is gruesome, much like the transformation that occurs when going through something challenging in your life. The butterfly tattoo is sometimes used as a reminder that while change is messy, it makes us stronger and more beautiful.

What does a 3% tattoo mean?

The law center’s website says the Three Percenters moniker refers to the ‘dubious’ claim that only 3 percent of American colonists fought the British during the Revolutionary War.

What does the tattoo 444 mean?

At this point, we are all aware that Kaia Gerber has quite the collection of delicate tattoos and it looks like the supermodel has added yet another ink to her growing collection. Kaia was seen sporting the new ink — a simple “444” on her arm, right under her tricep muscle — while running some errands on July 7.

  1. Kaia was spotted out in Los Angeles in a teal workout ‘fit from SETactive and Celine bag with juices in one hand and a puppy in another — which may certainly feel like a distraction to some but our eyes immediately went to her newest tat;
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Kaia’s infatuation with tattoos goes way back and while self-isolating, the model actually even  experimented  with stick-and-poke tattooing (by giving herself a simple dot and calling it a day). However, judging by the crispness of her “444,” it looks like she decided against that method for this piece.

That, or she’s at pro-level already! Backgrid But, what does the “444” mean? Kaia has not personally weighed in on her lastest ink but some consider it an  angel number  (and we know she already has an angel tattoo).

“444” can be interpreted as small blessings that guardian angels send to help us through rough times. The “444” specifically refers to passion and ambition. The number is meant to inspire you to get your act together and move towards something great, don’t drag your feet, and reignite and find the things that make you passionate about life.

  • Other  sources  say that “444” is a symbol of spiritual awakening and a sign that someone is trying to communicate with you;
  • But in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean cultures, the number 4 is actually unlucky;

Whatever Kaia’s reason for getting the tattoo is, we predict that this won’t be the last of her  minimalist tattoos. The model already has the number “23” tattooed on her elbow to reference the beginning of her career, the name “Jordan” on the inside her left arm, a nod to her mom Cindy Crawford, a small Picasso sketch, the phrase “I Know” on her wrist, the outline of a female torso with arms folded in a heart shape on her arm, and a tiny grouping of flowers on her wrist — among  maaany  other tiny additions.

What does 3 triangles in a row mean?

14. Three Triangles In A Row – This interlinked three triangle tattoo looks amazing and is beautifully placed on the back with a quote. It is known as an ‘equilibrio’ tattoo, which means an equal balance between the past, present, and future. While the past and future are unfinished and open triangles, the present holding it all together is a complete triangle.

Why does Selena Gomez have a semicolon tattoo?

Their matching semicolons represent mental health awareness and suicide prevention. ‘Project semicolon is a movement dedicated to presenting hope for those suffering from depression, thoughts of suicide, addiction, and self-injury,’ Boe wrote on Instagram.

Does 3 butterflies tattoo mean?

Do Butterfly Tattoo Bring Good Luck? – Butterfly Tattoos are popular with both men and women. They symbolize transformation, rebirth, and freedom. The meaning behind the butterfly tattoo is that of good luck or fortune in some cultures while others believe it represents renewal after death.

What does the semicolon in 13 Reasons Why mean?

Selena Gomez and her ’13 Reasons Why’ co-workers got matching semicolon tattoos to symbolize suicide prevention. ( alishaboe via Instagram) The mark represents the idea that those struggling with mental illnesses will continue on, and that their fight is not the end of their story, but the beginning.