What Does 1312 Tattoo Mean?

What Does 1312 Tattoo Mean
Meaning of ACAB and 1312: A catchphrase in graffiti, tattoos or other imagery. ACAB and 1312 is an anti-police acronym and catchphrase meaning All Cops Are Bastards. It is often found in graffiti, tattoos, and other graphic imagery.

What is the meaning behind 1312?

What does ‘1312′ mean? – The term is used in reference to the police. It is derived from ACAB which means ‘all cops are b*stards’. ‘1312′ is the alphabetic numeration of the acronym ACAB. 1 = A, 3 = C, 2 = B So, 1312 = ACAB.

What does 1312 mean on TikTok?

Police officers on TikTok also use the tag to make their own videos. – Just like TikTok has a thriving punk community, it also has a thriving police community, and the “ACAB” hashtag has not gone unnoticed by them. Some police officers have used it as an opportunity to make jokes about how they feel about the term.

A video originally posted by @voilet_magic_sin2 pictured the officer pretending to ignore someone out of his car window, while the sound of a woman yelling “Police! Help!” over and over played. “When they ask for help but are wearing a acab shirt,” the text in the video reads.

Article continues below advertisement The video was reposted by the TikTok account @conservativehypehouse, and in the caption, the account claimed: “It’s a joke. ” The TikTok account @southernsherrif also posted a video under the “ACAB” hashtag, where he lip syncs to the lyrics, “I am aware that I am an a–hole.

I really don’t care about all of that though. ” Again, the video is captioned with the hashtag “issajoke. ” Article continues below advertisement But the police officers’ jokes are not usually well received by viewers on TikTok.

Many comments point out that they feel the videos prove the point of ACAB. “Proving their point but ok,” one person commented on the video by @conservativehypehouse. “Lol ACAB, you’re not helping someone (which is ur job) cuz of their beliefs? YIKES lol,” another said.

What happened in the year 1312?

January–December [ edit ] –

  • April – Pope Clement V forcibly disbands the Knights Templar. This is following years of persecution of the Knights Templar, initially started on Friday, October 13 , 1307 , in collusion with King Philip “The Fair” Le Bel of France.
  • June 15 – Battle of Rozgony : King Charles I of Hungary defeats the family of Palatine Amade Aba.
  • June 29 – Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor is crowned in the Lateran Palace , due to St Peter’s Basilica being occupied by Romans hostile to him.
  • September 27 – The Charter of Kortenberg is signed, and is possibly the first constitution which allows democratic decisions in feudal mainland Europe.
  • October 31 – Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor is forced to abandon his campaign against Florence.

Why are the cops called 12?

Source: Tony Lear / Tony Lear Photography If you noticed the graffiti during the protests, Poice is called “12,” but where did that nickname come from? Why is that the case? Police slang can look a lot different from city to city. People all over the country have many different names for police. Words like cops, po-po, and 5-0 are commonly used terms to refer to the boys in blue,  Urban youth has own commonly used term that has now become widely used in pop culture. Police are called 12 as a slang term. According to  sources,   12 comes from the police radio code “10-12,” which means that visitors are present in the area where police are going. It’s similar to a warning to police that they might have company when they arrive on the scene. If you ask  Urban Dictionary , many folks have different definitions for the slang term and where it originated.

  • It’s used in the streets to give a quick heads up to friends and or civilians that police have arrived or they are on their way;
  • It’s is mostly a Southern, United States slang term, but has been adopted by television shows as well as pop-culture;

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What does COP mean on TikTok?

‘ Police Officer ‘ is the most common definition for COP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Who was born in 1312?

Famous People Born in 1312 – #1 is Edward III of England.

What century is the year 1312?

From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search 1312 CE (or A. ) is a common year in the 14th century.

Millennium : 2nd millennium
Centuries : 13th century – 14th century – 15th century
Decades : 1280s   1290s   1300s   – 1310s –   1320s   1330s   1340s
Years : 1309 1310 1311 – 1312 – 1313 1314 1315


What happened in the year 1212?

Children’s Crusade, popular religious movement in Europe during the summer of 1212 in which thousands of young people took Crusading vows and set out to recover Jerusalem from the Muslims.

Why do police get called 5 0?

Rap Dictionary (0. 00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: –

  1. 5 0 noun A police officer, from the television series Hawaii Five-O. The word is used mainly in East LA.
  2. 5 0 noun A 5. 0 liter Ford Mustang, which is used as a police vehicle in some areas.
  3. 5 0 noun A This is a term from Hawaiian Five-O (as referred to in the above answered). From that point on 5-O became a term for Police officers.
  4. 5 0 noun A Police officer, from the hand warning of flashing sirens shown to say that police are coming.
  5. 5 0 noun Rapper 50 Cent. Now I’m fu**ing with 5 0, it’s all starting to make sense — The Game featuring 50 Cent (Hate It Or Love It)
  6. 5 0 noun Mentioned extensively by Nelly in his song Wrap Sumtin, referring to cops multiple times as five-O
  7. 5 0 noun Mentioned in the beginning of 187 on an undercover cop “I think you five-0! Five-0? Man, I aint no motherfu**ing cop!” Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre
  8. 5 0 noun Toronto Five-O, Rep basketball club supported by funds from Pro Action Cops for Kids

Why do they call cops pigs?

” Still, it’s a bit ambiguous why the term pig was coined in connection to police, but perhaps it was an allusion to early officers and detectives who were sniffing out crime, like a pig sniffs with its snout. This would make sense in correlation with the term ‘nose’ as used above.

What is a 10 54 police code?

10-7A Out of service at home. 10-7B Out of service – personal. 10-7od Out of service – off duty 10-8 In service/available for assignment. 10-9 Repeat last transmission. 10-10 Off duty. 10-10A Off duty at home. 10-11 Identify this frequency. 10-12 Visitors are present (be discrete).

  1. 10-13 Advise weather and road conditions;
  2. 10-14 Citizen holding suspect;
  3. 10-15 Prisoner in custody;
  4. 10-16 Pick up prisoner;
  5. 10-17 Request for gasoline;
  6. 10-18 Equipment exchange;
  7. 10-19 Return/returning to the station;

10-20 Location? 10-21 Telephone:______ 10-21a Advise home that I will return at ______. 10-21b Phone your home 10-21r Phone radio dispatch 10-22 Disregard the last assignment. 10-22c Leave area if all secure. 10-23 Standby. 10-24 Request car-to-car transmission.

10-25 Do you have contact with _______? 10-26 Clear. 10-27 Driver’s license check. 10-28 Vehicle registration request. 10-29 Check wants/warrants. [vehicle] (PIN,SVS) 10-29a Check wants/warrants [subject] (PIN) 10-29c Check complete [subject] 10-29f The subject is wanted for a felony.

10-29h Caution – severe hazard potential. 10-29r Check wants/record [subject PIN,CJIC) 10-29m The subject is wanted for a misdemeanor. 10-29v The vehicle wanted in connection W/crime. 10-30 Does not conform to regulations. 10-32 Drowning. 10-33 Alarm sounding. 10-34 Assist at office.

10-35 Time check. 10-36 Confidential information. 10-37 Identify the operator. 10-39 Can ______ come to the radio? 10-40 Is ______ available for a telephone call? 10-42 Check on the welfare of/at ______. 10-43 Call a doctor.

10-45 What is the condition of the patient? 10-45A Condition of patient is good. 10-45B Condition of patient is serious. 10-45C Condition of patient is critical. 10-45D Patient is deceased. 10-46 Sick person [ambulance enroute] 10-48 Ambulance transfer call 10-49 Proceed to/Enroute to ______.

10-50 under influence of narcotics/Take a report. 10-51 Subject is drunk. 10-52 Resuscitator is needed. 10-53 Person down. 10-54 Possible dead body. 10-55 Coroner’s case. 10-56 Suicide. 10-56A Suicide attempt. 10-57 Firearm discharged.

10-58 Garbage complaint 10-59 Security check. /Malicious mischief 10-60 Lock out. 10-61 Miscellaneous public service. 10-62 Meet a citizen. 10-62A Take a report from a citizen. 10-62B Civil standby. 10-63 Prepare to copy. 10-64 Found property. 10-65 Missing person 10-66 Suspicious person.

10-67 Person calling for help. 10-68 Call for police made via telephone. 10-70 Prowler. 10-71 Shooting. 10-72 Knifing. 10-73 How do you receive? 10-79 Bomb threat. 10-80 Explosion. 10-86 Any traffic? 10-87 Meet the officer at ______.

10-88 Fill with the officer/Assume your post. 10-91 Animal. 10-91a Stray. 10-91b Noisy animal. 10-91c Injured animal. 10-91d Dead animal. 10-91e Animal bite. 10-91g Animal pickup. 10-91h Stray horse 10-91j Pickup/collect ______. 10-91L Leash law violation. 10-91V Vicious animal.

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10-95 pedestrian/ Requesting an I. /Techunit. 10-96 Out of vehicle-ped. send backup 10-97 Arrived at the scene. 10-98 Available for assignment. 10-99 Open police garage door. 10-100 Civil disturbance – Mutual aid standby.

10-101 Civil disturbance – Mutual aid request. 11-00 Codes 11-10 Take a report. 11-24 Abandoned automobile. 11-25 Traffic hazard. 11-26 Abandoned bicycle. 11-27 10-27 with the driver being held. 11-28 10-28 with the driver being held. 11-40 Advise if an ambulance is needed.

  • 11-41 An ambulance is needed;
  • 11-42 No ambulance is needed;
  • 11-48 Furnish transportation;
  • 11-51 Escort;
  • 11-52 Funeral detail;
  • 11-54 Suspicious vehicle;
  • 11-55 Officer is being followed by automobile;
  • 11-56 Officer is being followed by auto containing dangerous persons;

11-57 An unidentified auto appeared at the scene of the assignment. 11-58 Radio traffic is being monitored. Phone all non-routine messages. 11-59 Give intensive attention to high hazard/business areas. 11-60 Attack in a high hazard area. 11-65 Signal light is out.

11-66 Defective traffic light. 11-71 Fire. 11-78 Aircraft accident. 11-79 Accident – ambulance has been sent. 11-80 Accident – major injuries. 11-81 Accident – minor injuries. 11-82 Accident – no injuries. 11-83 Accident – no details.

11-84 Direct traffic. 11-85 Tow truck required. 11-94 Pedestrian stop. 11-95 Routine traffic stop. 11-96 Checking a suspicious vehicle. 11-97 Time/security check on patrol vehicles. 11-98 Meet: _______ 11-99 Officer needs help. 900 Series Codes 904 Fire. 904A Automobile fire.

  1. 904B Building fire;
  2. 904G Grass fire;
  3. 909 Traffic problem; police needed;
  4. 910 Can handle this detail;
  5. 925 Suspicious vehicle;
  6. 932 Turn on _______ mobile relay at _______;
  7. 933 Turn off mobile relay;
  8. 949 Burning inspection at _______;

950 Control burn in progress/about to begin/ended. 951 Need fire investigator. 952 Report on conditions. 953 Investigate smoke. 953A Investigate gas. 954 Off the air at the scene of the fire. 955 Fire is under control. 956 Assignment not finished. 957 Delayed response of __ minutes.

980 Restrict calls to emergency only. 981 Resume normal traffic. 1000 Plane crash 3000 Road block Other Codes Code 1 Do so at your convenience. Code 2 Urgent. Code 3 Emergency/lights and siren. Code 4 No further assistance is needed.

Code 5 Stakeout. Code 6 Responding from a long distance. Code 7 Mealtime. Code 8 Request cover/backup. Code 9 Set up a roadblock. Code 10 Bomb threat Code 12 Notify news media Code 20 Officer needs assistance Code 22 Restricted radio traffic Code 30 Officer needs HELP – EMERGENCY! Code 33 Mobile emergency – clear this radio channel.

Code 43 TAC forces committed. AID Public Safety Assistance Phonetic Alphabet A Adam         N Nora B Boy            O Ocean C Charles       P Paul D David         Q Queen E Edward        R Robert F Frank          S Sam G George       T Tom H Henry         U Union I Ida                V Victor J John             W William K King            X X-ray L Lincoln       Y Yellow M Mary          Z Zebra MOST FREQUENTLY USED CALIFORNIA PENAL CODES 32 Accessory to a felony 67 Offer a bribe to executive officer 69 Deter/resist executive officer (other than peace officer) by threat/force/violence 71 Threaten injury to school officer or employee 102 Take or destroy property in custody of officer 118 Perjury 136.

1(a) Intimidation of witness or victim from attending/testifying at any trial 136. 1(b1) Intimidation of witness or victim from reporting crime to police/other authorities 136. 1(C1) Intimidation of witness or victim by force/threat of violence 137(a) Offer bribe to influence testimony 146a Impersonating a peace officer 148 Interfering with an officer 148.

1 False report of a bomb 148. 5 False report of a crime 150 Refuse to aid an officer 151(a1) Advocate killing/injuring officer 187 Murder 192. 1 Voluntary manslaughter 192. 2 Involuntary manslaughter 192. 3 Vehicular manslaughter 203 Mayhem 207 Kidnap 209a Kidnaping for ransom/extortion 209b Kidnaping for robbery 211 Robbery 220 Assault with intent to mayhem/rape/sodomy/oral copulation 236 False imprisonment 240 *Assault 240-242 *Assault and Battery 241 Assault on peace officer/EMT/firefighter 242 *Battery 243a Battery against a citizen 243b Battery against a peace officer 244 Throwing acid with intent to disfigure or burn 245 Assault with a deadly weapon 245b Assault with a deadly weapon against a peace officer 246 Shooting at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle 261 Rape 261.

5 Rape – under 18 years of age 262 Rape of spouse 266h Pimping 266i Pandering 270 Child neglect/failing to pay the support payments 271 Child abandonment – under 14 272 Contributing to the delinquency of a minor 273. 5a Corporal injury to spouse/cohabitant 273d Corporal injury upon child 278 Child abduction from parent or guardian 285 Incest 286 Sodomy 288 Sex crimes against children 288a Oral copulation 290 Sex registration 311. ) 374b Garbage dumping 402b Abandoned refrigerator 415 Disturbing the peace (be specific) 417 Brandishing a weapon 451 Arson 459 Burglary 470 Forgery 476a Insufficient funds (checks) 484e Theft of a credit card 484f Forged credit card 484g Illegal use of a credit card 487 Grand Theft ($400+) 488 Petty theft (<$400) 496 Receiving stolen property 499b Joyriding 503 Embezzlement 537 Nonpayment of a bill (Restaurants, etc. ) 537e Article with serial number removed 555 Posted trespass 594 Vandalism 597 Killing or abusing animals 602L Trespass 603 Trespass with damage 647b Prostitution 647f Drunk in public 647g Disorderly conduct - loitering on private property at night 647h Disorderly conduct - peeking into an inhabited building 647a Annoy/molest child 653m Harassment by phone (obscene call) 4532 Escape (also 32 PC) 12020 Possession of a deadly weapon 12025 Possession of a concealed firearm 12031 Possession of a loaded firearm MOST FREQUENTLY USED CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODES 10851 Auto theft 10852 Malicious mischief to a vehicle 22500e Vehicle blocking a driveway 23109 Exhibition of speed 23110 Throwing articles at a vehicle 4601 Suspended or revoked license 20001 Hit and run - injury or death 20002 Hit and run - property damage 21111 Throwing article 22348 Maximum speed law - 55 MPH 23112 Throwing garbage on highway 22350 Basic speed law - unsafe speed 23152 Drunk driving MOST FREQUENTLY USED CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODES (Relating to heroin, cocaine, peyote, mescaline, and THC) 11350 Possession 11351 Possession for sales 11352 Sale/transportation (Relating to marijuana) 11357a Possession of hashish 11357b Possession of less than 1 ounce 11357c Possession of more than 1 ounce 11358 Cultivation 11359 Possession for sales 11360a Sale/transportation (Relating to barbiturates, amphetamines and LSD) 11377 Possession 11378 Possession for sale MISCELLANEOUS HEALTH AND SAFETY CODES 5150 Mental/emotional 5170 Unable to care for self 11364 Paraphernalia 11368 Forged prescription 11550 Under influence of a controlled substance 12677 Fireworks.

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What does pushing 🅿 mean on TikTok?

55. What does Pushing P mean on TikTok? – Pushing P made its way to the TikTok mainstream in January 2021, thanks to Gunna and Future’s new track ‘Pushin’ P’. P essentially means something positive, to ‘keep it real’. If something is P, it means it’s good.

If something is not P, it’s bad. According to Complex, Gunna explained the term on Instagram live, saying: “F*cking your partner’s main bitch ain’t P. If you hold the door for a lady, that’s P. Arguing with your partner about money ain’t P.

We ain’t doing that. We’re pushing P.

What is the meaning of 1@ In TikTok?

You’ll notice who the first “@” on your TikTok is when go to tag someone. – It’s easy to get lost in translation while navigating TikTok. However, when it comes to deciphering what the first @ means, it’s simply the first account that comes up when you attempt to tag someone in a post or comment.

Like on Instagram and Twitter, when you go to type in the @ symbol on TikTok, a few accounts pop up. The top accounts seem to be the ones you engage with the most. Whether you’re viewing their content or replying to posts on their account, the platform keeps memory of your interactions.

In other words, the more you engage with an account, the more often you’ll see the account’s name pop up when you go to tag someone with the @ symbol. Article continues below advertisement Source: Getty Images.

What is of stand for on TikTok?

What is OF on TikTok? Meaning explained! – The abbreviation “OF” is used frequently on TikTok and many users have been curious about what it means. It appears that “OF” stands for OnlyFans, and is used by TikTok users who want to refer to the subscription service without actually spelling it out.

What do the symbols mean on TikTok?

Step #3: Follow (and Engage with) Like-minded Creators – Are you trying to reach a specific audience? Think about the type of content, brands, and creators they’d be most likely to follow and engage with. Once you’ve done some research, check out what those brands and creators are sharing on their TikTok accounts.

  1. And if they resonate with your brand, give them a follow! This is a great way to learn more about your target audience, familiarize yourself with the videos they enjoy watching, and find trend inspiration;

And if you want to build an engaged community on your TikTok account, it’s a good idea to actively engage with other creators in that community. Luckily, TikTok makes it easy with a series of icons you’ll see to the right of each video: What Does 1312 Tattoo Mean

  • The first icon (a profile photo with a “+” underneath) will take you to a user’s profile where you can follow them
  • The second is a heart, which you can tap to like a video
  • There’s a speech bubble which you tap to leave a comment
  • The arrow allows you to share TikTok videos to other platforms
  • And there’s a rotating record-like icon which will show you the sound used in the video (as well as other videos that use the same sound)

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