How To Use Tattoo Stencils?

How To Use Tattoo Stencils
One of the most important tools a professional tattoo artist uses is stencil paper. A tattoo artist learns how to use a stencil during an apprenticeship. A tattoo stencil provides a map for the tattoo artist to follow when performing the procedure. Each line is detailed in a contrasting purple color on the skin for the artist to see and tattoo over.

The stencil can withstand the wiping away of ink while the artist works and remnants of the stencil can be removed after the tattoo is finished by normal washing with soap and water. Transfer the tattoo design onto the purple stencil paper by tracing over the design while it is placed on top of the paper.

The paper that the design is on should have a purple outline of the design on the back when you are finished tracing. Trim extra paper off from around the stencil with scissors and set aside, purple side up. Put on a pair of latex or nitrile gloves. Spray a paper towel with green soap and clean the area of skin to be tattooed.

  1. Throw the paper towel into the trash;
  2. Shave the area with a disposable razor to remove any hair;
  3. Wipe down the area with a paper towel and green soap again;
  4. Throw the disposable razor, paper towel and gloves into the trash;

Put on a fresh pair of gloves and wet down the skin with the green soap spray bottle. Apply the tattoo stencil, purple side directly onto the skin. Smooth out any folds or bubbles in the stencil with your thumbs. Peel the stencil off and throw into the trash with the gloves.

How do you get a tattoo stencil to stick?

How do you get tattoo stencils to stay on your skin?

Do tattoo stencils have to be backwards?

Flipping it in reverse – Just like a selfie, the image on the stencil is a mirrored version of what a client wants the design to look like. This means the artist should remember to reverse the image when tracing because the ink will transfer backwards once it’s placed on the skin.

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Do you use Vaseline while tattooing?

During the Tattooing Process – Tattoo artists use Vaseline when tattooing because the needle and ink are creating a wound. The wound needs something to help heal, and Vaseline can act as a protector for your skin. While it may not prevent scarring and other changes, it can help keep your skin healthy.

  • A tattoo artist may use a little bit of Vaseline, or they can use more of it all over the tattoo site;
  • Using a small amount can help prepare your skin for getting a tattoo, so you don’t need a ton of Vaseline for it to help;

After the artist finishes your tattoo, they can wipe away the product. Then, you can apply a new layer of it as part of your aftercare.

Why are tattoo stencils purple?

How to make a tattoo stencil anywhere : 2 ways.

Tattoo Thermal Transfer Paper Transferring your tattoo line designs to the skin, this paper has never been easier to use and keep your line designs long-lasting on the skin. The purple carbon transfer makes it easy to see during a tattoo and making it easier to follow the linework on various skin types and colors.

What can you use as stencil solution?

Step 3 – Pour the liquid antibacterial soap and alcohol into the squeeze bottle. Use equal parts for each ingredient, one-third liquid antibacterial soap and one-third alcohol for the mixture. Screw on the top of the squeeze bottle. Shake the mixture.

What do tattoo artists use to wipe ink?

What Do Tattoo Artists Use to Wipe Ink Off? – Green soap is the go-to for most tattoo artists out there as it’s a medical-level soap that’s fragrance-free and environmentally friendly. This should be applied via a spray bottle and diluted before use.

  1. Using a spray bottle will remove the need to directly touch your skin, keeping things more hygienic;
  2. However, it could be that you’re allergic to some of the ingredients in green soap;
  3. If so, the below alternatives also do a great job of keeping the skin clean before, during, and after the tattoo procedure: Hydrogen Peroxide: This is a product that’s used to disinfect the skin but will remove excess ink when tattooing;
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Be careful when using it as it will also lighten the tattoo and possibly remove it. Sterilized Water: This is great to use if you’re allergic to any other ingredients. Make sure that you’re not using tap or bottled water as a cheaper alternative. Alcohol mixed with Carrier Oil: This is great to use to remove excess ink and care for your skin.

How long should a tattoo stencil sit?

What is Stencil Stuff®? How Does It Work? Stencil Stuff® is a product designed for tattoo artists to help apply longer lasting stencils on the skin. It is a non-toxic lotion type gel that you rub on the skin before applying the stencil. Stencil Stuff® keeps that stencil from rubbing off so easily and it does not mess up the stencil if you need to reapply it to get it right.

  1. Also, most importantly, it’s a cleaner, safer way to apply tattoo stencils;
  2. It is used by thousands of tattoo artists every day;
  3. Tricks to using it: Shake the bottle, clean the area properly before applying the stencil, using Prep Stuff™ (Prep Stuff™ could also be used as a stencil remover just incase you want to reposition your tattoo stencil;

) After a nice consistent rub down with Stencil Stuff® allow about 5-10 minutes to dry and you are good to go. It’s recommended to apply the stencil before setting up so it allows for some drying time. If it’s a small piece and you are not worried about it staying on for a long time, you could get away with just a few minutes of dry time.

  • What Is Spray Stuff? How Does It Work? Spray Stuff was developed by the makers of Stencil Stuff;
  • It was designed for tattoo artists that do free-hand drawings on the skin;
  • Spray Stuff contains no harsh chemicals and it is 100% non-toxic & vegan friendly;

Spray Stuff is spray that you apply over a marker/pen drawing that you free-hand on the skin. It helps in the longevity of that drawing. There’s nothing worse than losing your free-hand drawing half way through a tattoo. Tricks to using it: Shake before using it after the area has been prepped and drawn on, either with pens or different types of markers, including Sharpie markers.

  • Spray a light mist about 8 inches away from the area;
  • A lighter mist is better than too much;
  • Let dry for about 10 minutes and you should be good to go;
  • It will definitely buy you more time than not using anything at all;
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You can even spray a couple of layers if you’re looking for extra hold. What Is Prep Stuff? Prep Stuff is our newest tattoo product that is a liquid used to prep the skin before you tattoo to sanitize the area before the tattoo procedure. It helps to reduce bacteria on the skin.

For best results rub it in with a gloved hand until dry, then use Stencil Stuff. It works in conjunction with Stencil Stuff and helps the stencil stay even better. “We call it the Germ Killer!” Prep Stuff could also be used as a stencil remover just incase you want to reposition your tattoo stencil.

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Can you use baby wipes while tattooing?

Always wash and dry your hands before touching a new tattoo. Leave the dressing applied by your tattooist on for 2 hours until skin stops bleeding. After carefully removing the dressing, gently wash the tattoo with non-perfumed baby wipes or warm water and an antibacterial liquid soap (hand wash).