How To Get A Tattoo Designed?

How To Get A Tattoo Designed

Magazines – Tattoo magazines (and books, etc. ) are a traditional channel for getting design ideas. Popular ones to look for at your local INDIGO include Inked , Skin Deep , Tattoo Life , Things & Ink , Freshly Inked , and the simply named Tattoo. These good-reads will give you a read on the culture, provide concepts and themes you may not have considered, and often include flash for you to take to the parlor.

Can you get someone to design a tattoo?

How to get the best tattoo design — – If you want a custom tattoo designed, the thought of finding the perfect designer to create it can be intimidating. You don’t want—or, since it’s 2022, need—to limit yourself to the tattoo artists in your town. There are a few ways you can find the right tattoo designer to create your perfect image. How To Get A Tattoo Designed A tattoo design contest will give you options. By Suxzero Two ways you can find that designer on 99designs are:

  • Choosing one of our top 10 tattoo designers or searching for another designer on our platform who can use your ideas to design the tattoo you want
  • Launching a design contest to get concepts from many different designers so you can choose the one you like best

Keep in mind that a tattoo designer isn’t the same as a tattoo artist. There are plenty of tattoo artists who do design their own work. If you’re working with a designer you meet on 99designs, you’re going to have to find an artist who can replicate the design onto your skin. Getting your perfect tattoo is a two-step process, and getting the perfect design is step 1.

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Is it rude to ask a tattoo artist to copy a tattoo?

So, Is It Rude to Ask a Tattoo Artist to Copy a Tattoo? – Of course, it is! Such a request is considered rude and disrespectful on so many levels. First of all, you’re directly or indirectly trying to get your tattoo artist in some serious legal problems.

If it turns out that your wish tattoo design is a copy, and the original tattoo artist has not approved of it being reused, then your tattoo artist could face a copyright lawsuit, which they would 100% lose.

Furthermore, you’re asking a tattoo artist to devalue the work of another tattoo artist or their colleague, which is that much rude as well.