How To Fade A Tattoo Naturally?

About This Article – Article Summary X If you have a tattoo that you want to fade, pour lemon juice, lime juice, or hydrogen peroxide onto a cloth, then blot the tattoo with the cloth to saturate it. Allow the solution to sit on your skin for about 5-10 minutes, then rinse it away.

  • Repeat this at least twice a day until you see results, but stop if you experience any redness or skin irritation;
  • If that doesn’t work, you may need to exfoliate the tattoo or undergo professional tattoo removal;

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How do you fade a tattoo with lemon juice?

Soluver Wart Treatment (20% Salicylic Acid) – I figured I’d need to open the skin before using this as the instructions say to scrub off the top portion of your wart and then apply the salicylic acid, meaning it needed to get under the skin to work.

How to fade a tattoo without surgery?

Honey, Salt, Yogurt, and Aloe Vera – The mixture of honey, salt, yogurt, and aloe vera might sound nourishing, but it is also great and effective in helping to fade your tattoos. This is also one of the easiest methods that you can try at home. Unlike the surgical methods, you need to apply this mixture a few times before seeing some results.

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How to fade a tattoo with hydrogen peroxide?

How to remove tattoos inexpensively & effectively! Tips, tricks, & my process

Exfoliation Before Applying Hydrogen Peroxide – Exfoliation is removing the top layer of skin made of dead cells to allow for new cells’ growth. This process is done using an exfoliation tool, natural scrubs, or chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide cleans and relieves stress on the skin.

If these two are used together, they are an effective means to fade a tattoo at home. Exfoliate your skin for between five to ten minutes using a natural sugar scrub or salt scrub. Be careful not to remove too much skin as you will expose the raw cells which may lead to bleeding.

You can now gently apply hydrogen peroxide to the area using a cotton swab. If the hydrogen peroxide feels painful to the skin, stop immediately. It means you broke new skin when exfoliating. You should only use hydrogen peroxide made for the skin to avoid scorching yourself.

How to remove a tattoo at home?

Common And Effective Ways To Fade Or Tips On How To Remove Tattoos At Home Quickly 1. Salabrasion 2. Covering Up The Tattoo The art of tattoos has been seen as a form of self-expression, and it has been around for longer than you know. Nevertheless, this body art just flourishes recently as more and more people have been taking it up.