How To Do A Tattoo Stencil?

How To Do A Tattoo Stencil
You have a design, now you have to decide how large or small it will be. When the customer decides, the easiest way to reduce or enlarge a line drawing is with a copier machine or computer; scanning the image into a computer using a photo-editing program to shrink, retouch, or flip the image, then print it out.

Next using spirit master paper packs insert the image into a thermal transfer stencil maker and in a few seconds you will have a purple line stencil ready for application. Well that is the fastest and easiest way to make stencils, there are many other tried and tested methods: (1) Skin scribes, hectographic surgical pencils.

use these to draw a design directly upon the skin. commonly used for basic shapes like hearts, stars, banners, free hand work. To ensure maximum sterility, hectrographic pencils should be sharpened between uses and rubbed with alcohol. (2) Carbon paper transfer.

  • draw a design on a piece of paper, then apply speed stick to the desired area of the skin;
  • Lay carbon paper over it, and trace over your design;
  • And you will have a crude stencil on the skin;
  • (3) Another method is using tracing paper use your original design and trace it with carbon paper and tracing paper underneath;

The carbon will form a stencil on the tracing paper, and you can lay the tracing paper against the skin using water or speed stick to apply a stencil. REMEMBER to reverse the original design so your tattoo is not reversed. Using a printer. scan in a design to your computer, flip the image using a pint program, and print it out onto tracing paper.

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Apply speed stick or water to the desired area receiving the stencil, and press and you have a stencil. (In color if you desire) Using spirit paper without a stencil machine, just trace your design thru and get great stencils like the pros.

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How to make free tattoo stencil design?

Find a Picture to Create a Tattoo Stencil 2. Adjust Hue/Saturation of Stencil Design 3. Find Edges of the Outline for Tattoo Flash Design 5. Adjust Brightness and Contrast of Tattoo Stencil 6. Sharpen the Design 7. Your Free Tattoo Stencil Design is Ready!.

What kind of paper do you use for tattoo stencils?

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How do I apply the stencil to my Skin?

How to make a tattoo stencil anywhere : 2 ways.

Instructions –

  • 1 When applying the tattoo stencil, you do not want to cause an infection. Before you start, cover both hands with a pair of sterile surgical gloves. Image courtesy: flickr. com How To Do A Tattoo Stencil
  • 2 Now you need to start the actual work. Using an antibacterial soap and some water, clean that area of the skin. Clean that area with paper towels.
  • 3 Now get rid of any hair present at the spot where you will be applying the tattoo stencil. Use a sterile razor blade for the job. Make sure that you use a new razor blade. Image courtesy: health. howstuffworks. com How To Do A Tattoo Stencil
  • 4 After shaving the tattoo site, once again clean it with antibacterial soap and water. As before, pat dry the skin using clean paper towels.
  • 5 You have to make sure that the tattoo stencil you apply sticks to the skin. Use an unscented deodorant for this purpose. Rub the tattoo site with the unscented deodorant. Remember to use the deodorant liberally to increase adherence between skin and the tattoo stencil. Image courtesy: consmr. com How To Do A Tattoo Stencil
  • 6 Depending on the geometry of the stencil, locate its centre. Gently apply pressure onto the centre of the stencil but make sure that it does not move at all. Image courtesy: tattude. com How To Do A Tattoo Stencil
  • 7 After you have applied the stencil, rub it evenly. Do not apply too much pressure and make sure that the stencil does not slide on the skin. Hold down the stencil with your palm for at least 10 seconds to make sure the stencil adheres to the skin.
  • 8 Slowly, peel the paper off. Image courtesy: flickriver. com How To Do A Tattoo Stencil
  • 9 Leave the stencil for at least 10 minutes to give it a chance to dry and adhere properly to the skin.
  • 10 Finally, using a paper towel, pat the stencilled skin and then apply petroleum jelly. You have successfully applied a tattoo stencil. Image courtesy: myspace. com How To Do A Tattoo Stencil