How Much Is A Tattoo Removal Machine?

How Much Is A Tattoo Removal Machine

How much do laser tattoo removal machines cost? – The cost varies greatly! Our cheapest laser tattoo removal machine is roughly $100, while the most expensive is $100,000. A single session with a professional laser tattoo remover will cost around $400.

How much does it cost to remove a tattoo?

Does laser tattoo removal leave permanent damage? – No, laser tattoo removal shouldn’t leave any lasting damage. You might experience discomfort during the session and in the days after, as your skin heals, but this shouldn’t be permanent. In most cases, your skin will return to normal after the tattoo is fully removed.

What is the best tattoo removal machine to buy?

Top 15 best tattoo removal laser machines –

  • #1, Zynx Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
  • #2, Biotechnique Avance Personal Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
  • #3, Biotechnique Avance Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
  • #4, Konwell Scar and Tattoo Removal Machine
  • #5, Zyyini Portable Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine
  • #6, Beemyi Blue Ray Picosecond Pen for Tattoo Removal
  • #7, BuWiz Picosecond Pen Tattoo Removal Pen
  • #8,Picosecond Pen by NEATCELL for Tattoo Removal
  • #9, Professional Brrnoo Scar Tattoo Removal Pen
  • #10, Freckle Scar Tattoo Removal Picosecond Pen
  • #11, Qatar Handheld Tattoo Scar Freckle Removal Device
  • #12,Bluehorse Professional Tattoo Removal Machine
  • #13,TMISHION Spot Tattoo Removal Pen with Protective Glasses
  • #14,ALDOM Skin Tag and Tattoo Removal Kit
  • #15 YOOMING Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Can I finance a tattoo removal machine?

Its 2019 and this is the ultimate guide to buying a laser tattoo removal machine and once you completely read through it you will receive all the necessary information for buying, leasing, technical information, installing, and clinical information. Look no further! Other companies require you to register to receive their information but here you will receive all necessary information for free about laser tattoo removal machines without registering for a downloadable link! Shop Now For Lasers Understanding Laser Tattoo Removal Technology Two common types of laser technology is long pulsed laser or Q switched lasers.

  • Long pulsed lasers are used for laser hair removal, veins, and other aesthetic procedures and not for tattoo removal;
  • For removing tattoos you will need  Q Switched laser technology;
  • These two types of can get very confusing in terms of aesthetic laser applications and what they are used for;

Q switched lasers produce a very short pulse defined in nanoseconds or picoseconds. This pulse is defined by the time it travels or resting time on skin. A long pulsed laser will operate in millisecond timing which is a “longer pulse”. A nanosecond is equivalent to 1 billionth of a second and 1 millisecond is equivalent to 1 thousandth of a second.

  • The latest advancement in laser speed technology is picosecond lasers, they are simply the same type of laser wavelength but traveling at a faster speed which is at 1 trillionth of a second;
  • You will need a Q Switched Nd:Yag laser to remove tattoos;

There is a lot of hype with Picosecond lasers but they are not worth the investment. You will spend almost double to triple the cost of a standard Q Switched nano second laser and it maybe increases the tattoo removal process by 1 less treatment. Point is you will effectively remove tattoos with a nanosecond laser and spending an extra $100,000 on a picosecond laser is not going to bring you more clients and put more money in your pocket for operating your laser tattoo removal business.

There are a lot of factors besides just laser technology for removing tattoos. Other factors that impact how many treatments it will take to remove a tattoo is the type of ink that was used, the color of the tattoo, how much ink was used, how old the tattoo is, location of tattoo on the body, and how healthy the individual is who is having the tattoo removed.

Different Types of Laser Wavelengths Used for Laser Tattoo Removal   All lasers absorb 3 components of the skin: oxyhemoglobin, water, and melanin. Every laser absorbs a different amount of each of these 3 components. Some laser wavelengths absorb a high amount of water and a low amount of oxyhemoglobin or melanin.

There is never an even amount of absorption of each of these 3 components and because of this all lasers are used for different applications. Besides understanding these 3 components of the skin that lasers absorb each laser wavelength penetrate different depths of the skin.

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The available laser wavelengths for laser tattoo removal are 532 nm KTP, 585 nm dye, 650 nm dye, 755 nm alexandrite, 694 nm ruby, and 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser. All of these laser wavelengths absorb a different amount of melanin which is color or pigment that the laser is attracted to so not all of these laser wavelengths are appropriate for all skin types.

The most common and gold standard laser combination is a Q switched 532 nm & 1064 nm Nd:Yag. 1064 nm is the best laser wavelength which is safe on all skin types. Understanding Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Settings For Operation Several settings are important to understand when operating a laser tattoo removal machine.

Energy, Hz, spot size, and pulses. Energy is commonly define by j/cm2 or mj. The higher the energy the more aggressive the treatment is. Its very important to keep track of settings used during each treatment for each client. Do so with client charts either electronically or filed away in a organized folder.

  • Throughout the entire process of tattoo removal the strategy is to slowly increase the energy higher than the last treatment as this is the process of removing the tattoo;
  • Hz is defined by the speed of the laser firing, higher the Hz the faster the laser will continually fire;

Pulses can be defined by 1 shot, 2 shots, 3 shots, and if the laser has the setting available then infinity. You can adjust these settings and each time you press the foot pedal it will first the laser as the setting you select. Lastly is spot size, most individuals that are researching tattoo removal overlook this setting.

All lasers cap the user when increasing the spot size and limiting the power. Its important to understand this because it will determine the quality of your laser. Better lasers will allow a larger spot size in relation to power.

Understanding Laser Specifications Before Buying A Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Its important to compare specifications between lasers if you’re looking at buying a laser tattoo removal machine. Understanding the peak power, available spot sizes, Hz, wavelengths, and longevity of parts is important to understand.

If you do not review these specifications then you could end up paying significantly more for a laser compared to another which has comparable specifications. Its important to have available power and speed in relation to spot size because the larger the area or in later stage treatments is when these settings will be very important.

As you increase the energy in later stage treatments and cover large areas, some lasers limit you to smaller spot sizes for higher energy. This can be very annoying as you could end up doing large treatment areas with a 2 mm spot size. The Lucid Q PTP laser system does not have this problem because the system has high peak power and operates up to 25 hz.

Buying or Leasing A New Tattoo Removal Laser Machine Vs. A Used There are benefits to both but some factors outweigh others. Buying a used system is going to leave you with a limited warranty, outdate system that is many years old, most likely had prior issues, has had endured years of wear and tear, and is still expensive.

People think they are going to be saving money when buying used, well this isn’t true. Used lasers come with unforeseen hidden costs associated with service and any replacement parts you would need. If it’s a dated system then parts will be scarce. If it’s a new system then you will be required to work direct with the manufacturer of the used system and companies are very strict on who can have access to spare parts.

  1. Being a second hand owner of a used system, if you contact the manufacture of the system and explain you need parts or service then they will refuse to provide the parts or service unless you purchase their 1 time fee called a recertification;

This fee is typically anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. This is done on purpose to price the used systems out of the market. You will end up spending more money on a used system for outdated equipment with a limited warranty. Most used equipment dealers only offer short term warranty coverage because no one can guarantee part availability.

  • MedLaser USA has FDA approved brand new systems for the same prices as used with warranty coverage’s that are longer than what you would receive for a used system;
  • Shop Now For Lasers Financing Your Tattoo Removal Laser Equipment You have decided on a laser tattoo removal machine and determined that you do not want to purchase in full with cash or check;
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Only option left is for financing your tattoo removal laser equipment. This is also called leasing and there are 2 types of leases. First, a “lease to return” which is defined by at the end of the term you would be given options to buy out the system or return the device.

  • A “Lease to Return” option is in the benefit of the lender because they are to own the system at the end of it and not you;
  • This type of lease is also called a FMV lease;
  • Second leasing option is called a “lease to own” or a $1 buy out at the end and is the preferred option with your best interests in mind;

Time in business is also an important factor when obtaining financing for you tattoo removal machine because you will receive lower interests rates. MedLaser USA specializes in helping businesses of all types including start ups and credit challenged situations.

Laser Tattoo Removal Clinical Training It’s important to obtain the appropriate clinical training for you laser tattoo removal machine. Part of receiving the appropriate clinical training is to ensure you are following state laws that you reside and run your business in.

You can look up these laws on state websites, health department website, or if you don’t know where to look then you should contact a healthcare attorney. Once you have determined the requirements for laser tattoo removal training which may be a certain set number of hours to officially be certified then you obtain more advanced laser training in specifically laser tattoo removal.

  1. MedLaser USA offers basic training included with all laser purchases or leases which will help you save money on your new laser acquisition;
  2. Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Maintenance & Service Having the proper maintenance and service on your laser is very important, lasers are like delicate cars that require upkeep;

This is even more important when you’re heavily running your equipment. Key factors that impact your life of your laser are following the manufacturers instruction for maintenance as well as the environment your run your laser in. For example, its important to have your operating room below 70 degrees as high heat inside the room will be strain on the system and can cause damage.

  1. Typically most service provides will charge for the visit, hourly labor, and parts;
  2. Its important to talk to the company you’re acquiring your laser from to ensure you fully understand all costs associated with service;

Not all companies provide onsite service, its important to note that lasers should not be moved as they are delicate and the most appropriate service is onsite service. MedLaser USA can help you with all your service needs for aesthetic lasers and laser tattoo removal machines.

  1. Appropriate Room Set Up for Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment Following safety steps to ensure your room is set up to protect everyone around the laser and the laser equipment is important;
  2. There should be no lofted spaces because when the laser flashes that flash will travel over the lofted walls and can damage the eyes;

Having a closed room with a closed door and a laser safety sign on the door is an important practice. Proper air flow and room temperature is a must because high room temperatures will damage the equipment. You may think that setting your central air a specific temperature will control that individual room but this is not true.

Its important to recognize the environment you live in, some climates are hotter than others. If you live in a hot environment and even for summer time purposes it is a good idea to install an individual temperature controlled room and this can be done with a inline air conditioner for operation of 68 degrees or below.

If you have a window in the room and sun comes through the window then this will also impact the temperature of the room. Next is making sure you have the proper electrical hook up, its important to talk with the company you’re acquiring your laser from to ensure you have the appropriate electrical.

  1. How to Appropriately Price Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Pricing tattoo removal after you have purchased your laser tattoo removal machine is a crucial step towards success;
  2. Make sure you research competitors and have a planned sales pitch for your clients;
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It’s a common practice to present a sizing comparison for pricing tattoo removal. You can use the examples below as a starting point based on your research on competitive pricing. It is also a good idea to offer discounts based on bulk treatment purchases.

If tattoos are extra large it might be a good idea to provide a custom quote to the client. You can even break down pricing based on colors, the more colors = the more complicated the tattoo is and there for impact the quote you give your client.

Laser tattoo removal pricing examples of sizing model menu: Small Size Tattoos: 79 per session for tattoos smaller than a postage stamp like a finger, star Medium Size Tattoos: $121 per session for size of tattoo fitting in credit card or ID. Large Size Tattoos: $163 per session for size of tattoo fitting in index card.

XL Size Tattoos: Example: Full pectoral muscle, full shoulder, full lower back ect. $299 per session. XXL Size Tattoo: Example: Full sleeve, full back, full leg. Quote customer $300-$600 per session Marketing Your Tattoo Removal Laser Business You have acquired your laser, figured out your pricing, and now its time to start marketing your business so you can bring clients in the door.

Its important to connect with local tattoo shops, you’re going to need to pick up the phone and call to introduce yourself and explain your services. Partnering with local tattoo shops will help generate business. Additionally, calling any local military, police, or branch of service local office is also important; there are strict rules for where tattoos can be.

You will want to have a brochure you can sell off of when communicating with any prospective clients looking for tattoo removal, this is called a sell sheet. Aside from connecting with local tattoo shops and preparing your place of business to present your services you’re going to need to work on your Internet presence.

As of 2019 being at the forefront of the Internet is very important. Everyone goes to the Internet to find information on everything; heck you’re reading this guide! Make sure you amplify your Internet game through these following steps. Create a website, spend some money and hire someone who can create a solid website for you.

Plan your website and what you would like to show your users. Give them information about your business and everything they would want to know about getting tattoo removal. Create profiles on every social media platform, Google a list of them if you don’t know them all.

In your profile link on all social medias include a link to your website. Register your business on Google so you are listed in Google business and location. Create some you tube videos. Run Google ads and Facebook ads, this is important and will guarantee customers calling you for your services.

  1. Although it can be expensive, it works;
  2. If you don’t want to learn how to do all of this or simply don’t have the time then hire someone;
  3. If you don’t your competitors are;
  4. Buying the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine and Saving Money Shop Now For Lasers MedLaser USA specializes in helping all types of businesses (even startups) travel down the path of adding laser tattoo removal equipment;

MedLaser USA offers the latest FDA approved laser tattoo removal equipment at affordable prices. Acquire a laser tattoo removal machine from MedLaser USA know you received premium gold standard technology and were properly educated on your equipment. Contact us today!.

Does laser tattoo removal work?

Is PicoSure the best tattoo removal? – It’s one of the best without for sure because it breaks the dye into miniscule fragments, which makes the process of flushing away done in a shorter time. But despite that, the longer PS makes it less ideal for treating some pigments.