How Much Do Tattoo Cost?

How Much Do Tattoo Cost
Factors of Average Tattoo Prices – There is a lot that goes into figuring out the cost of your new tattoo. It isn’t a straight forward answer. Things like materials, size, location, and type of tattoo affect the price. On average you can expect to charge $50-100 for a small tattoo, up to $200 for a medium tattoo and over $250 for a large tattoo.

Can I add the cost of my Tattoo to the price?

How Much Do Tattoo Cost You want to get your first tattoo or another tattoo and you wonder:  How much do tattoos cost? This is the perfect site for you! In the internet you can find a lot of websites about  tattoos , but which can only give you a barely kind of understanding of how much tattoos actually cost. Our  Tattoocalculator  is based on previous entries. So anyone can add the cost of her/his tattoo to make the price even more exact in the future. Our tattoo prices are based on different values which are summarized below. You can directly calculate the  price  for your  tattoo  on the right (mobile below).

What are the different tattoo sizes and prices?

Tiny Tattoo Cost – A tiny tattoo costs $50 to $100, depending on the shop minimum. Tattoo shop minimums are the fixed expenses of tattooing a customer regardless of size, styling, detail, and design complexity. These minimum fees cover the needle, equipment maintenance and cleaning, ink and basic costs, and generally come into play with little tattoos. .

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How much does it cost to hire a tattoo artist?

Average Tattoo Cost – The average cost for a small tattoo like a heart or cross is $50 to $250. For a medium-sized tattoo like a tribal or portrait, expect to spend between $150 and $450. Hiring a tattoo artist typically costs $120 to $150 per hour , and prices depend on how long it takes. How Much Do Tattoo Cost For a large tattoo, like a half or full sleeve, prices start at $500 and can go all the way up to $4,000 for a full back or custom tattoo. As a rule of thumb, it’s best not to consider getting a tattoo unless you’re willing to pay at least $100 for it. Keep in mind most tattoo shops require a deposit unless it’s a walk-in session.

Tattoo Cost

National Average Cost $250
Minimum Cost $30
Maximum Cost $4,000
Average Range $150 to $450

According to Tattoo Master Artist Mr. Peck , average tattoo prices for most customers are around $200 to $300 with a $100 minimum. To get up to 6 hours’ worth of tattoos in one day, expect a tattoo price range of $1,000 and more. Your tattoo cost is an investment in permanent body art that you’ll wear every day.

The last thing you want is a super-cheap tattoo that you might have to pay double the cost of to remove it if you don’t like it later. That’s why the best tattoo artists work thoughtfully to create designs with long-lasting appeal.

This guide will provide general tattoo price ranges only.

How much does an ankle tattoo cost?

Calf Tattoo Cost – The cost of a calf tattoo ranges from $350 to $600. Size, shape, detail and coloring will affect the price. Simple or little tattoos can be subject to the shop minimum. Designs that cover the full calf can be quoted at $500 or more. .