How Long Does It Take To Become A Tattoo Artist?

How Long Does It Take To Become A Tattoo Artist

How long does it take to become a tattoo artist? – The time it takes to become a licensed, practicing tattoo artist may vary based on your location, skills and educational background. Many tattoo parlors recommend participating in an apprenticeship. These work placements generally last between one and five years, depending on where you work, your state requirements and your skill level.

An apprenticeship involves learning techniques of tattooing and it’s typically unpaid. After an apprenticeship, you may apply for your tattoo license. Although you may have to renew your license every few years, once you have it, you’re ready to begin practicing.

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How long does learning to tattoo take?

How long does a Tattoo Apprenticeship last? – A tattoo apprenticeship can last anywhere between 1-3 years. Some have been known to last even longer depending on what speed your mentor chooses to teach you at. Some apprenticeships are even paid and working apprenticeships.

How many years is a good tattoo artist?

How to Become a Tattoo Artist & Open a Successful Studio – The primary goal of most tattoo artists is to eventually  open their own shop. This is not something which is typically done right out of an apprenticeship, but after years of full-time work. It generally takes at least 5 years of work, in particular, before an artist is able to break out on his or her own.

  • Not only must he or she perfect the trade, but he or she must also have a firm grasp on the business aspect of, indeed, running a business;
  • And with that, the question of “how do I become a tattoo artist?” is answered;
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As long as you follow the steps reviewed above, you stand a good chance at landing your dream career.

Can I be a tattoo artist if I can’t draw?

Do You Need To Be Good At Drawing To Be A Tattoo Artist? – Yes, but the great news is if you aren’t, you can learn. Some people may have more established artistic talent, but anyone can learn to draw. Take a look at our Drawing Tutorials and you will see how easy it can be.

Drawing doesnt have to be complicated and a lot of the flash tattoo designs most tattooists make a living from are fairly basic line drawings. Flash designs in general will be made up of a basic line drawing that you can then add colour to.

You will need a steady hand though and there is no better way to learn than from a good tattooist. Most tattooists dont want the extra work of teaching an apprentice. To impress them enough to give you a chance is more likely if they can see evidence of your artistic talent.