How Deep To Tattoo?

How Deep To Tattoo

So, Where Should The Needle Go? – The tattoo needle should go into the dermis layer of the skin. This layer lies in the middle, and is the perfect spot for ensuring the ink will stay in the skin, and not ‘bleed out’ as the tattoo heals. The epidermis is not a good ink location since it is too exposed and too outward, while the hypodermis is too deep into the skin, which means the ink won’t be as visible and the pain during tattooing would be twice as intense.

Also, if the needle penetrates the hypodermis, the client will most certainly experience an infection. So, how deep, to be exact, should a needle go into the skin? The answer is – approximately 1/16th inch deep into the skin.

This means that the ink will be placed exactly between the 2mm of the dermis layer. If you’re wondering how a tattoo artist knows where the dermis layer is in the skin, we’ve got you covered with that as well. Before the tattooing process begins, the tattoo artist adjusts the tattoo machine and the needle in regards to the parameter of the dermis layer location.

So, the dermis layer is approximately 1/16th inch deep into the skin. With that knowledge, the tip of the tattoo needle is adjusted to only enter the skin at such depth, not a millimeter shallower or deeper.

This means that the tattoo needle should not stick out the tattoo machine more than 2mm, or less than 1mm.

How do you know if you tattoo too deep?

Ink distortion and blurring – Tattoo artists have to be very careful with the depth they go to with the needle. Too shallow and ink will seep out. Too deep and the ink will disperse into surrounding areas. It’s this dispersing that leads to ink looking smudged or blurry. How Deep To Tattoo.

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How far out should my tattoo needle be?

Tattooing 101-Needle Depth Visually Explained

Proper Tattoo Needle Depth 2010-12-09T05:40:48-08:00 Setting Proper Needle Depth Skin has a total of 3 layers: Epidermis (composed of 5 sublayers), Dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The tattoo needle depth should penetrate into the Dermis layer. If the depth is too shallow, it will only penetrate into the epidermis sub layers and the ink will “bleed out” as the tattoo heals. This is because the 5 sub layers of the Epidermis is constantly growing outward to the top, any ink deposited will just be shed back out.

If the depth is too deep, you will be causing unnecessary pain to your client and run the risk of infection. The dermis layer of skin is between 1mm and 2mm into the skin. So when you are adjusting the tattoo machine, you will have to adjust within this parameter.

With the needle, grip and proper tip (e. 3RL needle will go with a 3RT tip) on the tattoo machine, adjust the depth by adjusting the depth of the tip. Make sure you hold down the armature bar so that you are adjusting the tip at the point where the needle is in its down position.

  • The tip of the needle should not be sticking out anymore than 2mm and no less than 1mm;
  • Keep in mind that every person’s skin type is different and there is no exact measure;
  • If during your tattoo there are excessive amounts of blood, it is obviously going in too deep;
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Practicing on fruit is a good method before trying on human skin. If the fruit is being badly damaged while you are puncturing the skin, the depth is going in too deep. By David H..