35 Black & Grey and Colorful Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus tattoos are an idiom of delicate beauty and living life with love. Hibiscus flower tattoos either black & grey or colorful thesis, they can be an idiom of your inner soul and ingenuity in a visually likable fashion.

Hibiscus is a fashionable tattoo flower. It is a tropical flower and yellow hibiscus is a state flower of Hawaii State. Although, hibiscus is not born only in Hawaii State, this fashionable flower is also born other states of the world with variation in colors from red to yellow, white and pink.

That’s the explanation girls having some sort of connection from Hawaii get made for hibiscus flower tattoo thesis. In fact, hibiscus flower tattoos are also branded as Hawaiian flower tattoos. Hibiscus tattoos are great idiom of delicate beauty, living life in awesome moments and getting pleasure out of life. The hibiscus flower belongs to the family Malvaceae. Hibiscus name is resultant from the Greek word “mallow”.

Hibiscus is branded as the most colorful flower tattoo thesis. So, it’s necessary to get the right faction of colors for your tattoo. If you permit large canvas of your skin like lower back, ribcage, hip and shoulder to your artist, then he/she can gift you an awesome hibiscus thesis. You can integrate hibiscus with lily tattoos, lotus tattoos and other metaphors that represent Hawaii, such as plumeria which is frequently seen as an append if you want the whole Hawaiian flower tattoo. No issue either you get a colorful or black & grey hibiscus, a tattoo of hibiscus flower never fall short to exchange a few words of delicate beauty and living life with awesome moments in a fastidious way.

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There is profusion of studios these days where body art is worshiped and you can get a flimsy hibiscus flower tattoo on your skin. It’s necessary to get a protected, hygienic environment and a flimsily ended tattoo.

So flaunt your ingenuity in a visually likable fashion by getting smart and aboriginal hibiscus tattoos.

© Candeeo, Candice. Colorfully completed beautiful shoulder hibiscus tattoo. There are 2 hibiscus flowers one blue and one pink.

© Riverrat Tracy Burton. Yellow, pink and red large hibiscus flower tattoos are completed with great green leaves on thigh of a women.

© Nephtali Brugueras Jr. A beautiful colorfully completed purple hibiscus tattoo with green vines.

Pink and yellow hibiscus tattoos. A pretty combination of realistic pink and yellow hibiscus flower tattoo completed on arm of a girl. That dragonfly obviously considers them real flowers.

© Fito de la Rocha. Water color hibiscus tattoo colorfully completed with a beautiful butterfly on her stomach.

© Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki, Mike Nash Tattoo. Three Hawaiian flowers hibiscus tattoos, one with biscuit color, one with grey and one with green colorful beautifully completed on her shoulder cap.

© Palim Palim Tattoo. A colorfully completed detailed thesis of a hibiscus tattoo with double shaded beautiful petals and bright colors.

Joshua Keyser Art. Black hibiscus tattoo beautifully completed on her shoulder with a quote “kupuna wahine kaikamahine”. Many get hibiscus with quote exchanging few words about living life in awesome moments.

© Preston Hawke Tattoos. Colorful hibiscus tattoos. A beautiful combination of orange and pink hibiscus flowers tattoo with colors completed as contrasts.

Beautiful Black and Grey Hibiscus Tattoos on rib of a women.

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Realistic hibiscus tattoo.












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