30 Amazing Frog Tattoos and Designs

Radiant Frog Tattoos (28)

Frog Tattoos

Countless persons get fascinated by frog tattoos just not because of its attribution to the green color radiant reptile but also because of great symbolism of adaptability and transition. Frog tattoo designs come in multiplicity of flexible designs with other countless innate fads.

In the primordial times frog used looked upon as the ruler of the world and bringer of the rain by the some tribes including Celtic and Egyptian people. Just in a short period of life span from transform from an exclusively all-water inhabitant to a more enlightened inhabitant of both land and water.

The gills like fish they have in its underwater life would be replaced with lungs like land animals as an adult. In the same way the rudder tail they had for swimming would drop off in adulthood. That’s the main reason, so often a frog tattoo is symbolic of philosophical transition and adaptability. We can state that frog short span of life is very similar to human long span of life.

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However, countless people get frog tattoos as they resolutely deem that they will bring them good luck, wealth and transformation to face the difficulties of life. As frog can survive in the both land and water inhabitant. In the same way human have two different lives, one is family life and another one is commercial life. In order to survive in both of the world, they get frog tattoos.

Frog tattoo designs are habitually tattooed separately or in conjunction with other innate fads like flowers, mushroom, tree, leaves and other innate insects or reptiles like dragonfly, butterfly & turtle etc., in the sleeve form. They are habitually tattooed separately in small magnitude on wrists, ankle and necks. When they are done in conjunction with other innate fads in large magnitudes, then habitually tattooed on leg, shoulder and chests.

Some radiant frog tattoo designs for men and woman can be handy for you.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (1)© Rachel Tattooist. Rain forest frog sleeve tattoo radiantly inked. Green color of frog is linked with good health and wealth.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (2)© Jennifer Fisher. Fairy frog tattoo radiantly tattooed on hip of a women. People who travel a lot from water transport, habitually get this sort of tattoo.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (3)© Mike Crump. Dart poison frog tattoo radiantly inked as a sleeve on his arm.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (4)© Sarah Murphy. Frog tattoos for girls. Frog sitting on lovely hibiscus looking so radiant.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (5)© Richard Sanchez Tattoo. Rain forest frog tattoos sleeve. A mind blowing full sleeve rain forest tattoo of a women carrying frog, butterflies and flowers. This mixture work perfectly for women.

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Radiant Frog Tattoos (6)© Fruit Cacher, Krissy Freeman. Whites tree frog beautiful tattoo radiantly inked on feet.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (7)© Dunn and dusted tattoos. A dancing tree frog tattoo funnily tattooed on her thigh with big eyes.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (8)© Tone Mendez. Small frog tattoo. Micro frog inked amazingly on his ear.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (9)© Iron Tiger Tattoo, Lars Van Zandt. Tree frog mushroom tattoo. Frog sitting on mushroom, love that red and blue radiant colors in the frog.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (10)© Rebel Kolors. Frog tattoo design on ankle. Small fuj frog tattooed on her ankle radiantly.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (11)© East Side Ink Tattoo, Gerald Feliciano. Frog tattoo designs for men. Tightly holding on the heart of a men, to stay unharmed from the water splatter as tattooed on chest of a men.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (12)© Pepper Mint Tatty, Erika Jones. Frog tattoo on foot. Small radiant froggie foot jammer.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (13)© Nathan’s Tattoos and Piercing. Frog tattoo designs on arm. Frog wearing cute helmet looking so radiant.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (14)© Lorenzo Di Gennaro. King frog tattoo with crown on head enjoying with underwater innate fads.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (15)© Pitt’s Fun Fun Tattoo. Realistic tree frog tattoo inked radiantly on leg.

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Radiant Frog Tattoos (16)© Nitro Tattoos. Poison Dart tree blue frog tattoo with black smudges inked radiantly on wrist.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (17)© Nick Dangelo Tattoo. Radiant 3D frog sleeve tattoo consisting two frogs with tropical plants having a real wild appeal.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (18)© Visually Alert. Tree frog tattoo on rib. Tree frog holding tightly a tree twig in the water inked on rib cage. With water frog has a different charm.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (19)© 540 IA tattoo. Green frog tattoo radiantly inked with cherry blossom tree on stomach of a women.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (20)© Davide Citro. Tribal Maori frog tattoo. Maori and Aztec tribes used to find a close interrelation between frog and human life.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (21)© Steve Dyson. Frog tattoos with skull. Frogs are awesomely inked with skull, flower and butterfly silhouettes on his arm. May be linked with the rebirth after death symbol of skull.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (22)© Calico 1225. Poison blue frog tattoo on foot with foggy background looking radiant.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (23)© Risewar. Frog dragonfly tattoo inked radiantly with water splatter and mushroom. This one reptile and one insect pair look radiant.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (24)© Sunshine Giovannetti. Evil frog tattoo radiantly done.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (25)© Blue Blasta. Cute super mario in costume of a frog making it a radiant theme.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (26)© Nsaneni. Radiantly grey shaded frog tattoo inked on wrist while sitting on a twig of tree.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (27)© Tanaiz Hang. Tribal Maori Frog Tattoo radiantly inked on chest of a men.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (29)

© Jason (Mr. Clean) Doherty. Awfully inked Ace named frog with magician’s hat on head reduced to a skeleton.

Radiant Frog Tattoos (30)© Sky Boi. Purple frog tattoo radiantly tattooed. Definitely now you many frog tattoos ideas in your mind.

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