125+ Gorgeous Girly Foot Tattoos and Designs


Whenever a female make her mind up for getting inked and seek cuteness and femaleness in their tattoos, then foot tattoos designs always hit their mind first. To find that precious tattoo design for you females we are recommending several nice foot tattoos.

Foot tattoos designs can look very conspicuous: the foot provides a nice flat work of art. They have seen a solemn climb in esteem the last couple of years, mainly among woman. It’s trouble-free to see why, a foot tattoo peaking out of a shoe can be very nice-looking.

There is also a greater occurrence of ink exodus allied with foot tattoos. Which connote that the ink is expected to puff out over time, broaden your tattoo inkling. This is doable with any tattoo, on any division of the body, but it’s more familiar with them. But don’t worry, choose top division of you feet, and avoid divisions like side of toe etc.,

Extensive assortment of most gorgeous foot tattoos designs for girls and women is here. Enjoy!

© Bogdanpo. Anchor foot tattoos. A superb anchor tattoo on foot with star. People used to hate anchor on foot. But now things has changed. Anchor has some good meaning associated with it that are more than just the sea and the ships it holds sturdy.

One of the cutest foot tattoo design ever. A little girl on right foot and a flying balloon on another foot. Some give excuse of wearing sandals and shoes for a long time for getting ink on this spot of body. But after seeing this foot tattoo design anyone can fall in love with foot tattoos.
Girly foot tattoos. Blue star tattoo with swirls looking so glorious. The most admired designs for foot are cherry blossoms, lilies, hibiscus, stars, quote, lovers names, heart and fairies.
Black and grey foot tattoos. Some beautiful lilies on your foot can fill your life with beautiful fragrance. And you would feel and smell your foot beautifully. Any kind of flip flop or sleeper can be wore in order to flaunt your beautiful flower tattoo on foot.

© Jessie Barber June 2007. Rose foot tattoos designs. Roses tattoos on foot are quite popular.

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© This is Yesterday. Swirly foot tattoos. Red fabulous shoes and lovely swirly floral tattoo on foot. For some this kind of tattoos are extremely painful and their healing are usually difficult. They scream like bitches and bruise their hands by biting them in process of tattooing. Foot is one of the most painful spot on body to get tattooed as there are lots of nerve endings as well as the truth that there are smaller quantity of tissues to stifle the skin. But for some they don’t feel like hell. It all depends on tolerance power of you.

Feminine foot tattoos. Glorious feminine things like flower, butterfly and swirls can make your foot more lovable. We love subtle color worn for this butterfly and flower.

© Rachelle Creech. Colorful foot tattoos. Anchor, flowers, leaves and nautical are the ingredient of this lovely foot tattoo design.

Vine foot tattoos. Superb foot flower tattoo idea for women and ladies.

Mandala foot tattoos for girls. Mandala is a pretty tattoo design for foot. Some people get ritual symbol of mandala in a way that together they create a perfect design.

Sugar skull foot tattoos designs. Sugar skull on foot and a tribute to Mom and dad.

© Time to take back. Wings foot tattoos. Wings linked with “Bella Vita” text tattoo on foot. It’s looking glorious.

© Welcome to reality. Quote foot tattoos are some of the heart touching designs. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” is written in her quote. If you don’t have control over muscles of your foot (Generally most people don’t have) then, tattoo like this quote can consume a lot of time.

© Scotty Tat2. Key tattoo on foot. Shadow effect looking so glorious.

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Stars and tribal swirl foot tattoos for women. Like most the white inked stardust.

© Eilo Martin. Neo-traditional foot tattoos. Gorgeous colors are filled in this design on foot.

Tribal foot tattoos. Dots and tribal swirly pattern always look gorgeous on foot.

© John Anderton. Portrait foot tattoos designs. Gorgeous girl face portrait tattooed on foot.

© Lehel Nyeste. Neo-traditional sailor foot tattoos.

© Mike Moses. Split moth foot tattoos. He gorgeous foot tattoo ink color matches with her nail polish color.

© Mope. Funny foot tattoos. Funny connecting design done on foot.

© Nazareno Tubaro. Ornamental foot tattoos for women. This foot tattoo design is inspired by Polynesian artwork.

© Sasha Unisex. Geometric foot tattoos. This colorful and geometrical foot tattoo design is looking gorgeous.

© Toko Loren. Abstract and geometrical foot tattoos designs. Like most the way abstract ink is filled in geometric patterns.

© Kpishdadi. Polynesian tribal foot tattoos.

© Amok Lines. High heels foot tattoo with superb purple high heels.

© Amok Lines. Black rose with petal looks so gorgeous on her foot. Pain included with foot tattoos worth it. Since finished piece of artwork looks so glorious and heart touching like this one.

© Dank Tat. Tiger tattoo on foot. Fell in love with the naughty eyes of tiger.

© Gloria Garcia. Cute Arabic foot tattoos. Pronunciation of this Arabic words is “Ante Maryat”.

© Shannon Archuleta. Amazingly glorious feather foot tattoos.

© Ivan Serdar. Only some simple symbols can give you amazing foot tattoos designs.

© Simon Keeping. Stardust foot tattoos. Superb stardust tattooed on feet. Must invest enough time while looking out a design. Since removing tattoo through laser is more painful than tattooing it.

© Custome Love. Sister tattoo on foot of two sisters. Unique idea to express their love for each other.

© Allison Krypetonite. Tattooed foot on the dashboard of car looking ultimate.

© D Transformation 82. Tattoos on both foot. Girls and women absolutely love their foot after getting inked.

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© Time to take back. Saying foot tattoos. “Hakuna Matata” saying tattooed with red bug. “Hakuna matata” is a Swahili saying; accurately translated, it means “No problems” . It is twisted by the words hakuna (there is not here) and matata (plural form of problem). So, It’s meaning is “don’t worry, be happy”.

© Elin. Text foot tattoos designs. Made in norway text tattooed on foot. At package of products Made in (place of manufacturing) is generally mentioned at the bottom. So, it’s good to ink your birthplace on your foot.

© Mig Fighter. Latin quote foot tattoo.

© Tattooist Gus. Swallow foot tattoos. Swallow bird on foot. So cute and delightful.

© Amok Lines. Virgin Mary portray tattoo on foot. Some religious people may find it offensive and unpleasant. But we find it heart touching.

© Ink A Holick. Name foot tattoos. Names in superb font is a good choice. Micheal and Justin are two names here. Geometrical heart and skull tattooed on foot by Jessica K

© Mattie Macabre. Glorious blue flower tattoo on foot.

© Denna Wardin. Che Guavara tattoos on foot. Che Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary who later became a pop cultural hero. If you also have any ideal in your life, then tattoo it.

©Flower foot tattoo is one evergreen tattoo design idea.

© Taxi for Gable. Ribbon just like anchor can have a significance in your life. So, tattoo it on your foot. Ribbon foot tattoos for girls are very fashionable.

© Brynn Snyder. Peacock feather foot tattoos. Lovely quote with peacock feather.


© David ST 2003. Henna styled foot tattoos are very common in eastern region of the world. In middle east women get henna designs on foot on special occasions like festivals, wedding and other special religious occasions. Surely, you have selected one tattoo design for you from these girly foot tattoos designs.






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