30 Sensuous Flower Hip Tattoos and Designs

Flower Hip Tattoos

Flower hip tattoos are some of the most modern chic designs when it comes to permanent ink art. Their huge part of fascination lies in the sensuous colors and contours of flower tattoos on hip look sensuous. Although, for eternity it’s not mandatory to pertain huge flowers, even small flower designs can be pertained gracefully.

The curvy area of the hip is idyllic for pertaining huge flower designs with sensuous colors. Cheerfully colored flowers can be pertained for both hip sides. Within the huge petals, there can be robust shading and extraordinary artistry. Rose hip tattoos are some of the other chic flower designs. Girls and women die for these flower hip tattoos. Noticeably, these designs are not made for guys.

Hibiscus, lilies, tulip, daisies and almost every kind of flowers look sensuous when pertained for hips. Apex depicted picture carry an awesome example of lily hip tattoo designs. Those lilies are pertained on her hip with huge petals and sensuous colors. Audience of flower tattoos on hip would be limited, but that limited audience would be surely fascinated after watching them. Thanks to our this assortment, that we are including you in that audience

who are lucky to have a look at sensuous flower hip tattoos designs and ideas.

© Women we think, By Johnny Smit Hart. Ornamental flower hip tattoos. Ornamental flower tattoo design pertained on hip of a women. Her hip flower tattoo is cheerfully pertained with sensuous colors and ornamental filigree design.

© Kristy, Oliver Tattoo. Geisha flower hip tattoos designs. A Japanese Geisha hip tattoo portray cheerfully pertained with sensuous lotus flowers and excerpts from a passage. Still not finished, the finished product is going to be fascinating.

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© Brian Hall. Rose flower hip tattoos. Three sensuous roses with thorns pertained on hip cheerfully with a beautiful excerpt. Those who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose.

© Kristy Bannerman By Darryl Watson Tattoo. Rose flower hip tattoos. The front of the hip looks sensuous with this cheerfully pertained tattoo showing blue rose buds on black leaves.

Pink flower hip tattoos.

© Jade_milly. Jade de vos. Anchor flower hip tattoos. A cheerfully pertained blue roses hip tattoo design surrounded by sensuous green and white leaves and a huge anchor.

© Dreamworx Tattoos & Piercing, Vaughan. Clock rose flower hip tattoos. A red sensuous rose pertained as a clock in her sensuous flower hip tattoo design.

A pair of roses pertained cheerfully above her hip area. Hip flower tattoos for girls.

Flower hip tattoos. Flowers joint with tribal design pertained on her hip cheerfully.

© Botanical Tattoos, Gia Rose. Rose flower hip tattoos. Pragmatic rose pertained on her hip with pragmatic green leaves cheerfully.

© Kim Gidlund. Hip rose tattoos. Two sensuous roses pertained on her hip area. A pretty hip roses tattoo.

© Deerfeather, Indee Lee. Flower hip tattoos. A cheerfully healed hip flower tattoo design inspired by the gypsy girl.

© The Gia Pet, Samsea Tattooist. A cheerfully pertained roses hip tattoo design with some nice words and sentences.

Blossom flower hip tattoos. A cherry blossom branch cheerfully pertained on above her hip.

Hibiscus flower hip tattoos. Hibiscus with huge petals pertained cheerfully in her hip tattoo with  leaves.

© Heartworx Studio. Rose flower hip tattoos. A red rose pertained on hip with sensuous black thorny leaves.

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Hip lily tattoo. A bloomed lily with ornamental long stem and tiny green leaves pertained cheerfully on her hip.

Swirly flower hip tattoos. Gorgeous roses hip ink piece with ornamental twirly design. Her tattoo is pertained cheerfully.

© Cirilo Serrano, By Brad Payne at Coffin City Tattoo. Lotus flower hip tattoos. A sensuous pink and black lotus pertained on hip.

Hip flower tattoos for women.

© Stayven Raddermyer. A huge flower hip tattoo design pertained cheerfully with thorny bold stem.

Lilies flower hip tattoos. Pink lilies with water waves looking sensuous when pertained on hip.


© Johnny Gage. Hip daisy flower tattoos. Vines and sensuous daisies pertained on her hip cheerfully.

Lotus flower hip tattoos. A pragmatic lotus pertained beautifully on her above hip area.

© Mez Love. Yellow rose flowers hip tattoos. Yellow pragmatic looking roses pertained on her hip cheerfully.

© Superchango Tattoo Studio. Hip cherry blossom tattoos. Sensuous cherry blossom branch pertained on hip beautifully with flutter near small pink blossoms.

© Arthur Koek. Lily flower hip tattoos. Sensuous lilies with huge petals pertained on hip area cheerfully.

© Micheal Norris. Filigree flower hip tattoos. Sensuous small pink flowers pertained beautifully on hip with a lovely filigree design.

© Micheal Norris. Birds and flower hip tattoos. Flowers, filigree and birds are the parts of her sensuous hip piece. We are sure that you have found a nice idea from these flower hip tattoos designs.

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