40 Most Beautiful Filigree Tattoo Designs

Filigree Tattoos

Filigree tattoos sometimes misspelled as filagree tattoo designs have naturally become darling designs in tattoo body art. Therefore, a basic filigree tattoo design is a showy work of fine showy lines normally in gold or silver color.

But at the present time filigree designs can be found in different glowing colors also. The plentiful showy work in glowing colors and the equally glowing edges make this a darling partner of flower designs in tattoo body art.

There are gigantic depictions that look very intricate and beautiful. The gigantic filigree tattoos bring out the real connotation of the flower designs. Basically filigree is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, made with minuscule beads or twisted threads. They were very darling in Indian and other Asian metalwork. They were darling as well in Italian and French. The word filigree is abbreviated from the earlier use of filigreen which derives from Latin “filum” which means string and “granum” grain, in the intellect of undersized beads.

Filigree tattoo designs are usually partnered with lettering, roses, other flowers and other showy body art work that are intricate and beautiful. Any area on body can be made showy by inking these beautiful designs. Every design depicted here in this collection is beautiful. The fine lines and abundance of colors make them an enticing body art form that would catch the interest of even the most conservative person.

You have never seen a gallery of beautiful filigree tattoo designs like this.

© Emcdclxvi, Evan Mcmicheal. Birds and filigree inked on side of a girl. Side is a darling area for tattooing filigree designs. Here birds and filigree design both inked in the just black color making it really beautifiul.

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© Inkbyknapp, Shane Knapp. A beautiful filigree hibiscus design inked on side of a women. Her tattoo is stoked up beautifully with a green filigree design. You can notice that filigree is a beautiful partner with gigantic flowers.

© Stilo Ink, Jamie. A beautiful hummingbird stoked up with lovely filigree design. Her neck filigree tattoo design with glowing colors is one of the most beautiful designs in this collection.

© Timothy Tattoo, Tim Bruder. A black filigree tattoo design beautifully inked on her forearm. Magical key is stoked up with filigree design in order to make it more showy.

© Chris Sabatino, Art Monster. A beautiful filigree lettering tattoo design inked on arm of a guy. In order to make your lettering design more showy it’s nice to stoke up it with a nice filigree design.

© Geddes Jones Tattoos. A wonderful black delicate filigree tattoo design inked on neck of a long-haired med

© Bredflemingtattoo. Bredley Fleming. An arm piece beautifully stoked up by filigree design, rose, cards, dice, ace of shades, gambling design. The main motive of stoking up filigree in any design is to make the whole image of tattoo more attractive and showy.

© Sarin_art, Ryan Schepp, Cream city tattoo. A beautifully filigree design stoked up to the skully perfume automizer design on leg.

© Derog Tattoo, Dave Freeman Aka Wak. A filigree locket tattoo beautifully inked. Her locket is stoked up by they stunning gigantic filigree design.

© Joe The Tattoo Artist Thurston. Celtic filigree tattoo design beautifully tattooed. That is awesome mother knots stoked up with filigree.

© Shanew209, Anchors Away Tattoo. Filigree thigh tattoo. Black and grey flowers stoked up with black and grey lovely filigree tattoo design.

© Skip Samson. Filigree shoulder tattoo. A beautiful filigree design inked on girl.

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© Stilo Ink. A gigantic filigree stomach tattoo. Inked beautifully from the left ribs all the way across to right lower hip.

© Dmitriy Urban. An unbelievable filigree head tattoo design. The artist inked it beautifully with black and grey jaw dropping colors. One of the most beautiful head tattoo piece we’ve seen ever.

© Mike Aveno. You can’t arrange flowers on your shoulder more beautiful than this. Her tattoo is stoked up with beautiful black filigree design.

© Body Graphics CMS. A beautiful filigree rib tattoo design stoked up with dot work.



Breast cancer ribbon tattoo beautifully stoked up with feminine filigree pink tattoo design.

Ankle filigree tattoo design. A breast cancer ribbon is inked with showy filigree designs in order to make her tattoo more beautiful.

© Deanna Wardin. Beethoven tattoo inked with orange filigree showy tattoo design. Ludwig van Beethovan was a great music composer in germany. Beethovan portray tattoo inked on upper back for expressing love for music.

A gigantic pure filigree tattoo design inked in black color on her side perfectly.

© Deanna Wardin. A filigree arm tattoo design inked beautifully. A golden and a black vine of filigree in inter-twinged together in his tattoo.

© Kareem Masarani, Newport Tattoo. Lower back filigree tattoo. Beautiful green flower vine and beautiful green filigree are inter-twined together in order to make her design more showy.

© Vince Wishart. Compass, filigree and script (Nothing is unattainable) are the parts of his tattoo design. A beautiful filigree chest tattoo design.

© James Danger Harvey. A worse tattoo is being covered up by this beautiful filigree tattoo design. Her filigree ankle tattoo is looking so beautiful with glowing blue color.

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© Jeff Tarinelli. Filigree foot tattoo design beautifully stoked up with black dot work.

© Jeff Terrinalli. Another beautiful filigree foot tattoo design amazingly stoked up with dot work.

© Noelin Wheeler. A golden royal filigree tattoo design stunningly inked on thigh of a women. Red roses and script (These violent delights have violent ends). A wonderful filigree thigh tattoo.


© Let Fear Reign. A beautiful and soft back filigree tattoo with roses. A beautiful expression she’s wearing. That is a marvelously beautiful tattoo design.

© Poot Puzo. A lovely feline filigree design inked on leg of a girl. It’s inked delicately and playfully, yet so elegant! And the bits of glowing color make it even more striking!

Filigree star tattoo design delicately inked on on her stomach.

© Klyde Chroma. A beautiful framed owl stoked up with delicate pink and other glowing colors. This is so incredibly cute. Colors and outlines are inked cleanly and flawlessly.

© State of Art Tattoo, Will. An incredibly beautiful inked on foot filigree wing tattoo.

© Nick D Angel Tattoos. Old worse flower tattoo is covered up beautifully by a wonderful golden filigree tattoo design.

© Tattooist Gus. Filigree red rose ankle tattoo design flawlessly tattooed.

A beautiful gigantic filigree back tattoo design with glowing blue and green colors.

A beautiful golden filigree design inked on her shoulder amazingly. Golden color looks like a that original metallic filigree artwork and it looks so beautiful as a tattoo also.

A delicately inked filigree design on shoulder.

Filigree tree tattoo. Here filigree design is used to make his tattoo more showy and beautiful. We are sure that you have chosen a filigree tattoo idea for you.



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