28 Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (14)

Tinkerbell Tattoos

Fairy Tinkerbell tattoos enjoy a firm fame in the last few decades. Tinkerbells are also known as Pixie or tink. Fairy Tinkerbell tattoos are ended with the fairy dressed in the green or blue apparel with very appealing wings. Tinkerbell fairy is a very miniature fairy.

This character is derived from J. M. Barrie’s novel Peter Pan. This kind of fairy was seen in company with Peter Pan accompanying him in ventures. In last few decades Tinkerbell has turn out to be one of the most fame images when teen girls think inking a fairy tattoo.

Top shown design of tinkerbell tattoo has smiling tinkerbell with name Ashley. Usually fairy tinkerbell tattoos characterize a linkage with the magical and charmed characteristics of nature. These tattoos closely bond the child inside every human being particularly girls to the fairies in the fairy tales that they hear, reads and see in their childhood.

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Fairy tinkerbell tattoos are usually shown in most tattoo designs with their magic stick with which they are drawing and crafting magic. Tinkerbell fairies are normally encircled by stars that convoy them to whatever place they visit. Sometimes they are shown with names, positive aphorism and moon stars etc., Most of the times tinkerbell tattoos designs are placed on the palpable parts of body such as wrist, neck, upper back and arm.

Twenty eight wonderful Tinkerbell tattoos designs for girls and women are presented here.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (7)© James Danger Harvey, Painful Pleasure Tattoo Parlor. Delightfully inked fairy tinkerbell tattoo on upper back of a teen. Tinkerbell is encircled by lily flower, butterfly and magical sparkling stars. She doesn’t carry her magic stick, which is commonly shown with the tinkerbells.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (3)© Sarah Anderson-Ostaff. An appealing tinkerbell tattoo inked on leg of a lady.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (2)© Mike Graves. Disney Tinkerbell Tattoos. This look of tinkerbell was made undying by Disney’s Peter Pan movie. Although, this tinkerbell was mentioned in the novel Peter Pan. But most of the people recognize this kind of fairy by name disney tinkerbell.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (1)
© Quốc Bảo Trần, BT Tattoo. Peter pan tinkerbell tattoos designs. If you ink just a shadowed version of tinkerbell, then it still love appealing. Here she got a tinerbell carrying a magic stick and crafting a magic from that.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (13)© Dreek Zilla. A naughty gothic tinkerbell tattoo. Gothic tinkerbells look something more cartoonist version of tinkerbell.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (8)© Scott Terry. That’s an appealing tinkerbell tattoo design on her lower back. That’s a Vidia from Disney’s Tinkerbell movie series. If you have any favorite chracter from Disney’s tinkerbell movie series, then ink it on your skin.

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Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (12)© Amy Jiao. Disney tinkerbell tattoos designs. Positive aphorism or dialogues from Disney’s tinkerbell movie are usually inked with a tinkerbell. She flies with her own wings. Her tattoo can communicate her in-dependency in an appealing way.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (6)© Libby, Conspiracy Ink Tattoo. Green tinkerbell tattoos. Typical tinkerbell in novel was described with green apparel. So, here she got her tinkerbell wearing typical apparel. Top of tinkerbell has a heart shape. As well a circle of sparkling stars giving a boost to her tat.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (11)© Ryan Harrison. Positive aphorism is inked with her fairy tinkerbell tattoo design. Her aphorism says “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.”

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (5)© Toeknee Raye. Tinkerbell tattoos on foot. Tinkerbell sitting and quiescent tattooed on feet of a girl. Her tinkerbell seems to be in an affirm of unfathomable thought.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (10)© L Vibber.  Very cute and appealing fairy tinkerbell tattoo with cute smile. Her tinkerbell is related to the spunky, sassy tinkerbell who takes on life, not the jealous malicious tinkerbell, “You glow girl!”

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (4)
© Johnny Gage. Appealing tinkerbell tattoos designs. Very joyful and satisfied Tinkerbell laying in her resting carriage.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (9)© Tina Greer, Ritual Arts Tattoo & Body Piercing. Butterflies with tinkerbell tattoos. This tiny magical creature can be used for crafting a large tattoo design. Like that girl has a tinkerbell sitting on tree. She is encircled by lovely butterflies and appealing flowers.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (24)© Sabrina Ricci. Stardust tinkerbell tattoos. Tink standing in a modeling posture. An appealing tattoo idea.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (19)© Delinkuent, Michael TTWA. Stars tinkerbell tattoos. A pretty tinkerbell wrapped by a magical sparking stars wave.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (25)© Tim Baxley (Southside Tattoo & Piercing). Tinkerbell tattoos for girls. Very appealing Tinkerbell with red lips and starry wings in just black.

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Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (20)© Rapunzinette. Tinkerbell in a pleasurable frame of mind performing the ballerina dance. A tinkerbell tattoo just with black outlines can be appealing also.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (15)© Blue Horse Blues. Tinkerbell tattoos on leg. Planning to visit Disney world with your family or friends, then why go their with a Disney’s tinkerbell tattooed.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (26)© Red Lion Tattoo. Rib tinkerbell tattoos. An appealing tinkerbel tato. She’s taking a chill pill as she drinks, smoke and dance up to life. Musical notes are also embed with her design.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (21)© Rapunzinette. Cute tinkerbell tattoos. One more tinkerbell in a pleasurable frame of mind performing the ballerina dance. She is also encircled by sparkling stars.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (16)© Spike Jone 67, Khaos Ink Tattoo. An appealing flying tinkerbell tattoo inked on side of leg calf of a girl. Colorful stars and text tinkerbell are also inked.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (27)© Pekka Pakas Teherne. Sexy tinkerbell tattoos. An applealing tinkerbell sitting in a sexy cross legs position.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (22)© Christian Spinelli. Magic tinkerbell tattoos. Tinkerbell resting after showing her magic in the sky. As her magic stick is putting along with her.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (17)© Shadow Tat. Flower tinkerbell tattoos designs. A full of attitude tinkerbell sitting on a charming flower twig.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (28)© DPCORPSEART. Black tinkerbell tattoos. Tinkerbell staring with a lot of attention.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (23)

© Yessika Marmol. Stars tinkerbell tattoos. Tiny cute eyes and smiling tinkerbell sitting carelessly beneath great shooting stars.

Appealing Fairy Tinkerbell Tattoos (18)© Cartoon Suicide. Back tinkerbell tattoos for women. Tinkerbell observing something, holding her arms and encircled by sparkling stars. We are sure that with the help of these tinkerbell tattoos designs, you have found one the best idea for you.

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