Fall In Love With An Elephant Tattoo Today

Elephant tattoo designs are quite popular among both men and women. It is rare to come across a tattoo that is widely accepted among both genders. The reason for this is because men like elephants because they are considered to be the largest and strongest creatures on Earth. However, women like them because they are also graceful, loyal, and endearing.

Despite their size, elephants are very beautiful creatures, baby elephants look adorable, whereas large elephants can look very powerful  but always very loving. These graceful creatures only use their strength when they are provoked.

There are so many reasons why a person gets an animal tattoo, sometimes that person discovers common attributes within themselves and wishes to show them off in a creative way, for example, elephants are incredibly loyal to their family. If your family means everything to you, then you may depict your love and your family members with an elephant tattoo.

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Elephant tattoos may be created in various sizes, designs, inks and styles. In addition, every tattoo carries a personal meaning and shows the personality of the wearer. There are so many symbolic meanings hidden behind these beautiful tattoos.

Keep reading to discover all the meanings and to see the most beautiful tattoo designs of elephants.

30. Beautifully-Designed Henna-Like Tattoo


29. Feminine Elephant Tattoo


28. Baby Elephant


27. Elephant Tattoo On A Finger


26. Intriguing Elephant Tattoo for Men


One great thing about elephant tattoos is that they can hardly go wrong. Of course, the tattoo may not turn out the way you wanted it to, but at least people will recognize the elephant. They can easily be identified by their huge bodies, big ears, and a very long trunk.

25. Elephant Tattoo That Represents Family


Believe it or not, elephants are incredibly loyal and protective of the members of their herd. It may not seem so, but they live a very ordered life with a unique hierarchy and social structure. Female elephants usually live in herds that may contain up to 400 elephants to raise their offspring. Male elephants often roam alone.

To show your love and devotion to your family, an elephant tattoo is a great way to do so. Elephants will die to protect their family. If you share the same instinct for your family, then an elephant tattoo is the right choice for you. You may tattoo elephants in different sizes, and each one of them can stand for a member of your family.

24. Elephant Tattoo Outline


23. Tiny Foot Elephant Tattoo


22. Love Conquers All


It is a great idea to add something else to your elephant tattoo; a quote or another design perhaps. However, you should always double-check the quotes if you are not entirely sure what they mean. For example, this quote is in Latin, and we assume that the wearer of the tattoo wanted it to mean “love conquers all.” However, the tattoo actually means “all conquers love” because of the wrong word order. The original quote is “Amor Vincit Omnia.”  OOPS!

21. Adorable Baby Elephant


20. Back Elephant Tattoo For Ladies


19. Elephants in Love


18. Colorful Elephant Tattoo


Elephants are sometimes regarded as symbols of good luck, especially in Hinduism. Ganesha is a deity that has the head of the elephant. Ganesha is thought to bring luck, and move obstacles out of the way for those pure of heart and intent. Ganesha also reminds people that all obstacles are removed for those who are truly good.

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17. Three Elephants Tattoo


16. Amazing Back Elephant Tattoo


Elephants are also a symbol of consideration and devotion in a relationship. Aristotle claimed that one elephant abstained from having intercourse while his mate was pregnant. Pregnancy in elephants lasts very long – around two years. Therefore, this elephant was loyal to his “partner” for two years. That is why elephant tattoo may also be a symbol of patience, devotion, consideration, and chastity.

15. Hand Elephant Tattoo


Remember the story about Ganesha a few images before? Well, in addition, Ganesha is also considered to be a patron deity of art and science. So, if you are an artistic soul and want an elephant tattoo for some other reasons, we also wanted you to know that elephants are in a way related to artists.

14. Elephant & Lotus Flower


13. Watercolor Elephant Tattoo


12. Flying Elephant


11. Incredible Elephant Tattoo Design


You can get your elephant tattoo in a variety of colors, and you may also combine a variety of styles such as the tribal, Polynesian and Maori art style. In addition, watercolor ink is incredibly popular nowadays, and your tattoo artist may use it to give your tattoo a unique look.

10. Elephant & Jewels


9. Small Neck Elephant Tattoo


Elephant tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body. But, the placement should be your decision. Do not follow the trends blindly, since your tattoo is supposed to reflect your personality. Elephant tattoos look great on the back, shoulder blades, chest, forearms, or even legs.

8. Unleash Your Creativity


7. Loving Parent Tattoo


If you are a parent or have a younger sibling, then you should pay attention to this tattoo design. It portrays love between two creatures perfectly. This is one of the few tattoos that would never need explaining.

6. Beautiful Female Elephant


5. Creative Back Elephant Tattoo


4. Side Elephant Tattoo


Besides the meanings we already mentioned, here are some other symbolic meanings that can lie behind an elephant tattoo: prosperity, nobility, happiness, determination, memory, invincibility, and compassion.

3. Small Watercolor Elephant Tattoos for Men


2. Elephant & Giraffe


Elephants are also great for matching tattoos. Take this one as an example! Some people may see this image and consider these tattoos only cute. But, there is also a meaning behind them. This tattoo shows how we are all different, and that there is a beauty behind two people that are different from each other. You know the saying “opposites attract,” right?

1. Elephant Tattoo Behind the Ear


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