Ear Tattoos: 30 Colorful, Daring, Sneaky, Peek-A-Boo Tattoos

Everyone wants their tattoo to be unique and different from others. Ear tattoos are not seen as often as some other tattoos and the ear area isn’t the most popular area for getting inked, but this does not mean you shouldn’t get one! On the contrary, the fact that only a small number of people have these tattoos is a good thing.

A great thing about ear tattoos is that they can be subtle when you need them to be, but they can also look incredibly cool and daring once you throw your locks back to reveal it. Even though the canvas you have to work with is quite small, you can still create something amazing and meaningful or unique.

You should keep in mind that an ear tattoo can get painful. But, they are definitely worth it. Here are several reasons why:

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  • Well-done ear tattoos will look very attractive.
  • Ear tattoos can be feminine and elegant, express masculine strength and power, or anything else you want them to.
  • They are a great solution for those who want only one simple tattoo that is not always visible.
  • An ear tattoo will look amazing as a substitute for a piercing when done on earlobe or cartilage.

30. Sugar Skull Ear Tattoos


Sugar skulls are a great way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away. They are very meaningful in the Mexican culture and closely related to the Dia de Los Muertos. Sugar skulls are very colorful and adorned with various flowers. To find out more about sugar skull tattoos, click here.

29. Colorful Feather Ear Tattoos


28. Cute Lotus Flower Ear Tattoos


Lotus tattoos are very popular and they make a perfect ear tattoo. They are very special and have multiple meanings, as well as sacred symbolism. In many religions, a lotus flower stands for birth and renewal. Since it grows in the water, a lotus flower tattoo may symbolize purification, dreams, emotion, and even intuition. There is so much more that can be said about these flowers, so you definitely have to check out other intriguing lotus flower tattoo meanings.

27. Interesting Ear Tattoos


26. Euler’s Identity Tattoo


25. Semi-Colon Tattoos


24. Colorful Dragonfly Tattoo


Dragonflies always bring and air of mysticism and charm that is very hard to ignore. Over the past years, these sprightly creatures have become the symbols of freedom, elegance and grace, purity, harmony, prosperity, and even good luck. If you ever wish to get a tattoo that symbolizes any of the previously mentioned things, then a dragonfly tattoo is definitely the right choice for you.

23. Dreamcatcher Behind Ear Tattoos


22. 3D Tribal Tattoos for Ladies


21. Mysterious Hamsa Tattoo


20. Cute Dreamcatcher Tattoo


19. Elegant Flower Tattoo


Flowers and flower tattoos are usually associated with women. But, it does not necessarily have to be that way. In addition, tiny flowers make great ear tattoos. There are many popular flower tattoos designs, such as roses, orchids, lotuses, peonies, and many more. It is impossible to list the meanings of flower tattoos since there are as many meanings as there are flowers in the world. So, if you have a particular flower in mind, you might search for its meaning. Check out these flower tattoos and find your inspiration!

18. Lightning Bolt Ear Tattoos


17. Sun and Moon


16. Flowers Behind Ear


15. Tiny Dandelion Tattoo


Dandelions are very different from other flowers. When compared to, for example, magnificent roses they look ordinary and plain. However, despite their looks we all love dandelions. Even though they are just plants, they remind us of all the magical things in life as we blow them and watch the fluffy seeds fly through the air. Therefore, their meaning may represent all your dreams and hopes you wish to come true. Also, dandelion ear tattoos may be your lucky charms. Delicate dandelions may represent your strength too since their roots are very strong and incredibly hard to remove.

14. Behind Ear Cross Tattoos


13. Floral Ear Tattoos


12. Tiny Note on Ear


Who doesn’t love music? If you are a big fan of music, and music plays an important role in your life, then you should definitely consider tattooing something related to music. Tiny notes are perfect for ear tattoos which need to be small, but can also be very meaningful.

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11. Tattoo & Piercing


10. Simple Ear Tattoos


If you are looking for a simple yet good-looking and intriguing ear tattoos, here is an idea for you. This tattoo is very simple, looks attractive, and it may represent so many things. Each of these symbols, for example, may stand for a loved one. This tattoo may also represent tiny arrows which can be a symbol of strength. Two arrows that cross, on the other hand, represent friendship. There are so many possible meanings and it is up to you to choose the one you like the most.

9. Delicate Ear Tattoos


8. Delicate Flower Tattoos


7. Beautiful Black Ink Flower


6. Black Cat Ear Tattoos


5. Shiny Diamond Ear Tattoos




3. Colorful Flowers


2. Peter Pan Ear Tattoos


1. Cute Cat Tattoo


Humans and furry felines go back a long way. Many archeological excavations prove that humans and cats have been good friends ever since the ancient times. Your cat ear tattoos may represent your pet that you love so much. However, a cat tattoo may represent many more things. Since cats show a sense of independence and intellect that is rarely seen in the animal world, a cat tattoo may stand for your respect towards freedom and wisdom. Cat tattoos may also warn people of your shifting moods (if you are prone to shifting moods). We all know that cats can be can be lovable, sweet, and snooty all in the space of a nanosecond.

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