67 Most Powerful Crown Tattoos for Men


Crown tattoos for men can help all the guys find and connect with their sense of royalty. This symbol will remind you of the king hidden inside of you.

A crown tattoo does not necessarily symbolize wealth (although, it quite often does). Such tattoo can simply show that you are in charge of your own life, of your own affairs, or maybe that you have found your queen whom you will treat the way she deserves for the rest of your lives.

Since body art is just like any other form of art, you can let your imagination run wild when choosing a particular crown design. You may want your crown to be a combination of the past and the present, and show your cultural prowess through crown tattoos for men.

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Almost every society had a king throughout history, and the kings had unique crowns that were characteristical for the civilization, you have plenty of designs to choose from. From the pharaohs of Egypt to the Catholic Church’s popes, there are so many possible designs you can choose for your next big piece.

However, one thing about crown tattoos for men is that crowns are not quite a popular choice for single-element tattoos. They send a much stronger message when combined with other elements, and can add some flamboyance to your existing ink piece.

So, before you check out these amazing designs we have handpicked for you, you may want to know a thing or two about the symbol of the crown. As mentioned, crown most often stands for royalty and it can represent supremacy, wealth and power. Many people choose this design because they believe it will inspire them to reach the heights they secretly want to.

A crown may have some other symbolic meanings, as well. Make sure to check them all out!

Neck Crown Tattoos for Men


Arm Crown Tattoos for Men


Upper Body Crown Tattoos for Men


Crown Chest Piece


The tattoo seen in this picture is one of the amazing examples how crown tattoos for men work well when combined with other symbols. One of them is an anchor, a symbol of strength and stability; something that holds you down when the seas get rough. This tattoo can send a strong message that its wearer is always ready to take things into his own hands, no matter how stormy they can get.

Sleeve Crown Tattoos for Men

crown tattoos for men

Crown and Nails


Crown & Diamonds for Men


The Skull Crown Tattoos for Men


Royal Neck Tattoo


Matching Crown Tattoos for Men

crown tattoos for men

We have mentioned that crown tattoos for men look better when combined with other symbols. However, this picture is an example how a man can pull off a crown tattoo on its own. And, this tattoo may mean a lot more to you when you get it done with your significant other. You may also choose a different finger, such as the ring finger, and make your crown tattoo a symbol of your eternal love towards each other.

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A Crown and A Name

crown tattoos for men

8 Ball King


Religious Crown Tattoos for Men

crown tattoos for men

The King of The Animals


Be The King In Your Life

crown tattoos for men

It is a bit unusual to have a crown tattooed on a hand, but, as you can see, it can look pretty good. The crown may symbolize your power, leadership, and the fact that you are the only supreme ruler of your life and your own affairs.

Intriguing Crown Tattoos for Men


Remarkable Arm Crown Tattoos for Men


Chest Crown Tattoo


Manly Crown Chest Tattoo


Back Crown Tattoos for Men


10. Amazing Lion, Rose & Crown Tattoos for Men

crown tattoos for men

Lions have been portrayed in many cultures and religions throughout history. The reason why lion tattoos are so highly sought are the many different meanings hidden behind it. Lion tattoos can represent courage. They may also be seen as a symbol of healing and hope by the wearer of the tattoo. Crown tattoos for men go hand in hand with the lions, and they usually send a message that confirms the lion’s position as the King of the Jungle, and the ultimate leader among beasts.

9. Crown In a Hand


8. An Engraved Crown

crown tattoos for men

7. Black & White Crown Tattoo Designs


6. “What’s A King Without A Queen”

crown tattoos for men

What is a king without a queen? This tattoo is quite manly, and it spreads from the chest all the way to the arms of the wearer. The central symbol is the crown and the captivating quote. However, there are also so many symbols that can be noticed, such as skulls, sugar skulls, roses, guns, and cards.

5. Lucky Charm


4. Colorful Sleeve Tattoo Masterpiece

crown tattoos for men

The crown may not seem as the central symbol of this tattoo, but it is quite noticeable, don’t you think? Beneath the crown there is the word “dad,” and you may also notice a diamond and the word “mom” beneath it. The wearer of this tattoo has found a creative way to make his tattoo unique, interesting, and to show his love and respect towards his parents.

3. Watercolor Crown Tattoo


2. King Leonidas

crown tattoos for men

Guys, you must recognize this face! It is Gerard Butler in the role of king Leonidas from the movie 300. Everyone has their own reasons for getting a certain tattoo, and the wearer of this one may have had 300 of them. Jokes aside, the tattoo looks simply amazing.

King Leonidas was a Greek warrior king of the city-state of Sparta. He is remembered for his death at  the Battle of Thermopylae. The reason why King Leonidas is associated with the number 300 (and why the movie got its name) is because he marched with only 300 soldiers to met his enemy’s army at Thermopylae. Then, he was joined by soldiers from other city-states, and the total number of soldiers was around 14,000.

1. Incredible Sleeve Crown Tattoos for Men

crown tattoos for men


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