38 Lucky Celtic Shamrock Tattoos, Celtic Clover, Irish Clover

Shamrock Tattoos

Adaptability and strong heritable & religious symbolism of Celtic shamrock tattoos are the well known reasons behind their reputation. Celtic or Irish shamrock tattoos are not much different from Celtic clover or Irish clover tattoos.

They are only Irish inheritance those can differentiate Celtic clover and Celtic shamrock. In top shown picture you can see a girl with Celtic shamrock tattoo on her neck back.

The Irish inheritances are very well attentive of their Celtic heritage, but some of the Irish inheritances are also exceedingly religious. Irish Catholics are exceedingly believers in the lives of the saints. The St. Patrick is a saint who is known from initiating and scattering Christianity to Ireland. St. Patrick used recognizable entity of shamrock or clover to explain Christianity.

Shamrock is well thought-out national symbol of Ireland and most of Irish inheritances agree that only three leaves clover, white and red clovers are shamrock. Most of the Irish inheritances don’t believe that four leaves clover is a shamrock. The shamrock has been a sacred plant for Irish inheritances since time immemorial. In pre-Christian times, the prehistoric Druids planted and sophisticated shamrocks because of their spiritual powers.

Thirty eight Celtic shamrock tattoos designs for booming your luck are here.

© Ken Power. Wonderful four leaves Celtic clover tattoo with names Denis, Stepahnie, Sonathan and Evan.

Most of the Celtic shamrock tattoos are a great way to carry on a lucky charm. These designs are cool just because of the not gender biased concept linked with them. Most of the Celtic clover tattoos work well for both genders. For many this symbol is representative of Trinity and for some luck charm.

© Ken Power. Nice shamrock tattoos with nice Celtic knotwork.

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© Rien Croonenborghs. Simple and elgant Shamrock tattoo on ankle. There is no rule in regard of placement for tattooing shamrock tattoos. They can be inked on almost eveywhere on body.

© Lou Noble. Want to place a Celtic clover tattoo on top of your foot, then look it. Though not a clear pic, but it’ll give you idea how it’ll look when tattooed on foot.

© Ken Power. Adaptability of Celtic shamrock tattoos designs make them so famous among people. You can adapt in on anywhere and in any size.

© Rose Bradley. Shamrock tattoos for girls. A nice Celtic shamrock tattoo done magnificently on lower back of a girl.

© Shele 8171. Combine your four leaves Celtic clover tattoo with tribal artwork. Like that guy has clover on on his wrist and tribal design on his forearm.

Celtic clover tattoos. You can ink a Celtic clover design that in point of fact comes from old variety of Irish culture. But It’s constantly a nice idea to make some modification in basic tattoo design. Like this tattoo has typical green color of leaf and fancy blue color exaggerated together.

© Irish Fist Offury. Tribal shamrock tattoos designs are very heritable. And people place them in order to express their heritage.

Simple Celtic clover tattoos. You can’t go mistaken when you ink a typical and simple Celtic clover image with typical green color.

© Irish Popo, Federico Salls. Don’t want to bored out yourself by inking a typical green color clover tattoo. As an alternative decorate your tattoo with some fancy and stylish colors like that guy.

© BM Ezine. Always carry on a lucky charm with you by inking a Celtic shamrock tattoo on your skin with basic shape and typical black and green color.

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© Don Mason. Lucky charm shamrock tattoos enclosed by a circle of stars.

© Grinn & Barrett Tattoo, Artists : Jeremiah Connor. An old form of Irish shamrock tattoo with names Dana, Hollie and Annie in a banner wrapping around shamrock. The shamrock was assumed to protect against wickedness. So, by adding your family members names with shamrock, you are making a statement of their protection against wickedness and evil.

Shamrock tattoos for men. Three leaves of shamrock signify the Father, Son and Holy Trinity for a lot of people.

© Denise de la Cerda. Celtic shamrock tattoos. Wonderful tattoo of lucky Celtic shamrock surrounded by revamping Celtic knot work.

© Storm Orr, Taylor Orr. Done by DJ Leonard. Four leaves clover tattoos. Fantastic four leaves clover tattoo enclosed by a Celtic knot work circle.

© Hellcat Molly. Combo of Lucky Irish shamrock tattoos with Christian symbol cross. What a wonderful Irish Price piece of artwork.

© Lucky Fish & Pat Fish. Knotwork Celtic clover tattoo with names . Inking tattoos of Celtic clover signify that either you are a believer of Trinity as illustrated by St. Patrick or you get it for your lucky charm.

© Lucky Fish & Pat Fish. Irish shamrock tattoos. The core of Irish luck, the shamrock is a much loved symbol of the inheritance of Ireland. This tattoo is ingeniously worked out in knot work, one line recurring to source, adding another layer of meaning and splendor utterly.

© Jowal. Celtic clover tattoos on wrist.

© Truth is Absolution. Shamrock tattoos on wrist. Shamrock the Casbah inked on wrist. Want something different from all those typical shamrock tats. So, why not ink a clover burning and something else with your Celtic shamrock tattoos.

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© Justice Tattoos. Here’s a celtic clover sleeve tattoo, it contains mostly typical Celtic knots and adornment.

© Mr. Taboo. Skull shamrock tattoos. Desire to ink a large part for your Irish price, then have a look at this shamrock skull tattoo design. Wicked tattoo idea! This can go great with dragons, other intricate Celtic knotwork and Trinity symbols!

© Ken Power. Claddagh in one another Irish symbol. So, why not ink a combo of Irish shamrock tattoo with claddagh.

© Relentless Hate. An old form of four leaved clover tattoo on forearm…Sing loud, Sing proud.

© Billy Whaley Tattoo. Celtic shamrock tattoos with name.

© Vincents Valentine. Celtic clover tattoos amazingly done on ankle.

© Phantom of Fantasy. Trinity Celtic clover tattoos. Celtic clover trinity tattoo.

© Screaming Flea Tattoos. Lovely Celtic clover foot tattoo.

© Greg Schroder. Wanna carry on a lucky charm with you, then write lucky with a lucky shamrock tattoo like that girl did.

© BKM 0518. A fantastic Celtic shamrock tattoo done on upper back of a lady.

© 13Tatu. Good luck Celtic clover tattoos on lower back.

© Xevious the great. Clovers sleeve tattoos. His tattoo is in progress. No denying it would be a great tat.

© Sabrina Ricci. Want to pay honor to your luck, then honor your Celtic clover tattoo with a crown.

© Tamie. Celtic clover tattoos for women. Not a usual shape of Celtic clover, these clovers are fantastically tattooed with  green color. Hope you have got here an idea of your Clover or Shamrock tattoos.

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