Cat Tattoos: Every Cat Tattoo, Design, Placement, and Style


Cat Tattoos: every kind of kitty cat tattoo, style, cat tattoo design, and placement. All the Cat Tattoos info that you need.

Cats have a mind of their own. They’re beautiful, smart and powerful animals. People love their cats, at least most of the time. Cat is an animal that can never really be possessed: living with a cat is more like a partnership than ownership – and usually the cat is the leading partner. They can be a pain sometimes but we still can’t get enough of them. Their playfulness, agility and elegance keep us mystified. It’s a great hunter whose instincts have been heightened by centuries of evolution that turns into a silly playful kitten in a split second.

Cat tattoos are a fun way to show love for our furry friends. There are as many styles of cat tattoos as there are cats – artistic, playful, fierce, enigmatic and serious. Everybody can find a design to bring out the feline features that they identify with most, or that capture the character of their pet perfectly.

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Here’s a cat tattoo that takes the points home. It looks like an official portrait – “Mr. Cat, the patriarch of the family, just before he was off to war”. A beautiful way to remember your pet. This person has picked a really good artist – the artist can make all the difference in a tattoo like this.



Combining cats with mandalas might first sound like trying to mix oil and water because cats often have about as much patience as a 3-year-old on a sugar rush. However, visually they seem to make a great combination as this tattoo shows.


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Three Cat Tattoos in One


Happy Kitty Tattoo



The colors in this tattoo are out of this world! There is so much happening, and the picture captures perfectly the carefree side of cats. Chasing butterflies on a sunny day, what a way to live.

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More Cat Tattoos:


This henna style cat tattoo is pretty cool. I’m not sure whether it is just fresh or if it has red ink in it, but if it’s ink that’s definitely an original and good-looking choice.

Classic Kitty Cartoon:


There had to me an Aristocats tattoo! The classic film is definitely worthy of tattoos. This tattoo is perfect for showing off the playful side of its bearer. It brings classic old-day Disney drawing style to the world of tattoos.




Doesn’t this picture just make your ovaries explode? There’s just too much love and cuteness. The tattoo is a wonderful way to show off your relationship with your pet. I love the style of the tattoo as well; beautiful cartoon-like lines and playful look.


Some cat tattoos just leave you in awe. This cat’s powerful eyes, the beautiful light work and details make it an impressive tattoo. Definitely something to remember.












This tattoo’s simplicity makes it awesome. It has a playful feel to it.Two curious kitties trying to peek over a fence – isn’t that just what being cat is about? Putting your nose into everything and messing around all over the place. I’m sure every cat person knows exactly what I mean…




Every cat person has a moment when she or he sincerely wonders if his or her cat is possessed. I think this person’s cat may have been. At least she got a powerful tattoo to share the madness of it with the rest of us. The shading in this one is masterfully done.





Cats are also made of stardust. Galaxy themes have been wildly popular lately, and even tattoos have seen their share. They are perhaps not the easiest theme to creative in style, but this tattoo looks good.


Some phenomenons leave their mark in history. Even memes will have their place somewhere in the dusty pages of history. Some of them have influenced people’s life. Here, the grumpy cat left his mark in this person’s thigh. Definitely a classic. I would love to know the story behind this one.





This beautiful watercolor-style cat peeking from the flower bush shows the variety of cat tattoos. The delicate lines and artistic coloring make it unique. The look of the cat is gentle and relaxed, and the surrounding flowers give the tattoo a very ethereal feel. This tattoo has been done by a talented artist for sure.

First-tattoo.-Cat-Tattoo-Aaron-Grace-Dallas-TXThis one looks like a Siamese cat. Definitely an original design; very exaggerated shapes, color and lines. An interesting choice for sure.





Geometric tattoos have been the craze lately and some people have discovered that hey, even cats can be turned into geometry. This little cat makes a definitely unique and modern tattoo. It’s the perfect choice when you’re looking for something modern and simple.



This cat looks so realistic you almost want to pet its head. Amazing color and light work by the artist. If you really want to have your cat always with you, then this definitely a spectacular way of doing it. Beautiful use of color and light. When you want a realistic picture of your cat, make sure to pick a good artist.


So cute and chubby!



Fun to see cats in different positions and not just the typical face or sitting pose. The colors make the picture look more vivid and lively. They certainly bring energy to the tattoo. Just looking at it gets you to feel the delicious stretch.



Playful cat is playful. I like cat tattoos that show off the variety of cat behavior. Stretching cats, playful cats, evil cats and grumpy cats. They all show why we love this capricious animal so much. The style of this tattoo is very original as well. The cat looks like something out of Soviet Union story books.



If a tattoo can be cute and creepy at once, then this is it. The subtle use of color definitely makes it even creepier as the cat eyes stand out – just like in real life.


This tattoo is definitely something to trip out your friends. Cat’s eyes have always been one of its most powerful parts. Their mysterious, intense look has puzzled people for a long time – take prophet Muhammad, the ancient Egyptians, Jacques Derrida and many more. This cat multiplies the effect. Are you ready?

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