25 Exotic Butterfly and Star Tattoos


People may not have frame of mind swings about butterfly and star tattoos, there are some combinations of designs that you cannot possible go wrong with, like a combination of butterfly and star tattoo designs which are very figurative and have quite a lot of meanings attached with it.

In above image an exotic butterfly and star tattoo design in drawn luminously. Four butterflies are grouped together with a stardust design. You won’t regret getting a butterfly drawn in a star circle on your body and a large butterfly as a center of attention and a stardust flowing around it. A butterfly tattoo with star can be a source of inspiration throughout your life, as it is combination of nature and fantasy. Your tattoo can be a little something or a bulky something. Any size of tattoo can be drawn by combining stars with butterflies. Not only is the butterfly star tattoo a smiling combination, it is also a figurative design.

You can draw a creative butterfly star tattoo designs for women which can be your private signature. A butterfly sitting on star, a butterfly in flying mode around a group of stars and many other creative designs can be drawn. For all intents and purposes, the butterfly means freedom of spirit and star means a dream.

Women prefer these exotic butterfly and star tattoo as they operate as symbols of free spirit and dreams for women.

© Emily Hodgett. A long exotic butterfly star tattoo design drawn luminously on leg of a women. Adore the exotic shades used for little butterflies and stars.

Bold star, colored butterflies and stardust are the ingredient of this exotic star butterfly tattoo design.

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© Nishaan V Mhatre. A black outline exotic butterfly drawn luminously with black stars, specks and black twirl design.

Twirly design with stars and butterflies drawn luminously on hip area of a girl. Butterfly star tattoos for girls.

© Klems Tattoo. Star butterfly tattoos on back. A black large open winged papillon butterfly drawn luminously on upper back with tiniest stars and a little butterfly in flying mode.

Stars and butterfly exotic tattoos. Twirly star design drawn luminously on hip with a butterfly.

© Blood Made of Ink1. Butterfly and star exotic tattoo on foot. A star is drawn luminously as a center of attention with two exotic flying butterflies.

Exotic tattoos for girls. A large lively butterfly as a center of attention drawn luminously on stomach with two green and red nautical stars on both sides

© Tess Ha, Johnny Chiu. A fit women wearing swimwear showing her exotic butterfly and star tattoo designs drawn on different parts of body.

© Anton Peck. Julie’s new exotic star butterfly tattoo with heart drawn in the wings.

© Sarita Lamermaid. Three exotic butterflies tattoo drawn luminously with stars and specks work.

© Craigy Lee. Twirly exotic tattoo drawn on thigh of little butterfly and rich stars.

© Tim Baxley, Chirs Posey. Exotic tattoos. Butterflies flying to opposite directions and star work in the background. Her tattoo looking so exotic.

© Shannon Wolfe. Tina’s butterfly star exotic tattoo design. Drawn with delicate black shades small stars make for a beautiful diagonal design on the shoulder.

© Two face tattoo. Exotic tattoos on foot. Butterflies luminously drawn with twirly design and stars on feet of a women.

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© Jerrrroen. Butterfly and stars exotic tattoos. The exotic design of a rich butterfly with black shaded stars and black twirly design makes for an exotic ankle tattoo design.

© Augrust. Exotic butterfly star tattoos. An exotic blue black open winged butterfly drawn luminously with tiniest star tattoo design.

© Muddy Green. A large exotic tattoo, pink black butterfly drawn luminously with yellow stars and twirly blue design.

© Phillipe Leroyer. Exotic tattoos. Butterflies drawn on upper back luminously with black nautical stars. They are really looking exotic.

© Two Face Tattoo. An exotic ready butterfly stars exotic tattoo flowing luminously on side of a women. Purple butterfly, chicano letter and purple nautical stars are the center of attention for her tattoo.

© Maira Krefta. Exotic butterfly and star tattoo design luminously drawn on shoulder back of a women.

© Tuskat Armon Ink.  Butterflies and stardust exotic tattoos. Three butterflies in three different modes drawn luminously on shoulder of a women with stardust and speck work.

© Two Face Tattoo. Butterfly and star exotic tattoos. An exotic back piece of gorgeous purple butterflies, black stars, flowery and speck work.

© Crazy Needle Tattoo. Butterfly star exotic tattoo luminously drawn on a feet. With black wings spread out for flying this grey touched butterfly looks really exotic with that exotic stardust work. Hope, you have an exotic tattoo idea in your mind now.

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