101 Best Friend Tattoos That Are Genius and Touching!


Thinking of getting best friend tattoos with your friend? Congrats: You’ve stumbled across the right place! These designs and tattoos ideas will WOW you…

People say that your friends are the family you choose. Best friends are very close, and sometimes you may feel that your best friend is just like a sibling. Aristotle once said: “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” And, one of the greatest ways to eternalize your friendship is by getting best friend tattoos.

Best friend tattoos are very popular nowadays. For better or worse, your best friend will stick with you, just like your tattoo. Sometimes, these tattoos are a great reminder that your best friend is always by your side, even though the two of you are miles away from each other. So, there isn’t a better person to share a tattoo with than your platonic soulmate.

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Best friend tattoos are popular even among celebrities. Recently, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin revealed how much they love each other, and how strong their friendship is by sharing a Snapchat of matching broken heart tattoos. Perhaps those old-school broken heart necklaces are no longer trendy, huh?

If their idea of a best friend tat is not something you and your bestie would like to have, don’t worry. We have gathered tons of tattoo designs for you and your best friend. Hopefully, they will inspire you and help you choose tattoos you guys would like to have.

Whether you two connect over similar obsessions, aesthetics or just want a visual testament to show how much you mean to each other, we have got you covered with our amazing best friend tattoos.

Matching Elephant Tattoos


Elephants are known as gentle giants. They are peaceful, friendly, and loyal animals who become violent only when their life is in danger; or the life of their friends. Elephants are incredibly loyal to their herd. If loyalty is what you and your friend love the most about your relationship, then matching elephant tattoos are the best choice for you. In addition, elephant tattoos may symbolize luck, wisdom, prosperity, memory, happiness, and longevity.

Infinity Best Friend Tattoos


Breast Best Friend Tattoos


Best Friend Tattoos on Feet


Lotus Flower Best Friend Tattoos


“XO” Best Friend


“You Are My Person”


Usually, best friends share the same interests and love the same things. Tattoos are another thing you and your best friend might have in common. If you guys are fans of Grey’s Anatomy, then this tattoo may remind you of Meredith and Cristina Yang. This tattoo is a great way to show your love for the same TV show and for each other.

Unique Friend Tattoos


“I love you to the moon and back.” How many times have you heard someone say this? It is adorable, but it is not quite a unique saying. However, what is unique is getting the number of miles from Earth to the moon as best friend tattoos. It is a neat reminder of your everlasting love, and, in addition, a unique one.

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Sun & Moon


Heart Tattoos


Quotes for Friends




Arrow tattoos are usually small and they look lovely. They are definitely a great choice for best friend tattoos. Arrow tattoos have a strong meaning. A single arrow may represent protection. This meaning comes from the Native American culture, since for them, arrows were weapons of protection and hunting. Two arrows crossed together depict friendship. And, a bundle of arrows typically stands for strength – a single arrow can be easily broken, but it is harder to break a bunch of them.

Matching Tattoos for Best Friends


Henna Tattoos


Best friend tattoos are permanent. Once you get them, they will forever stay on your skin. However, if you or your friend are afraid of needles or pain we have a solution for you guys – henna tattoos. By getting henna tattoos, you will still be able to show everyone the strong bond you guys share, but without having to go through any pain. Also, henna tattoos are cheaper and you guys will definitely save some money.

Semicolon Best Friend Tattoos


Semicolon tattoos became very popular nowadays, and they are very symbolic. These tattoos represent a person who could have put a stop to their story, their life, but instead they moved on. If you and your friend were separated for some reason, or you simply want to show everyone that no matter how long your friendship is on hold you two will never end it, then semicolon friend tattoos are a great choice for you.

Best Friend Tattoos for Pizza Lovers


Floral Best Friend


A Tattoo Best Friends Can Share


Neck Tattoos


Cute Best Friend Tattoos


Sun & Moon Tattoos for Best Friends


Beach Best Friend Tattoos


Compass & Dreamcatcher


“You Are My Sunshine”


Star Wars Best Friend Tattoos


Finger Tattoos for Best Friends


This tattoo is similar to the Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin matching best friend tattoos we have mentioned before. The gals share a tattoo of two broken hearts on their fingers. Kendall got a white heart, and Hailey got a red one.

If you and your friend do not want a to share a broken heart tattoo, then each of you may get one-half of the heart tattooed. This way, when you are apart you will never forget each other. But, when you finally meet your hearts will beat as one.

Infinity Best Friend Tattoos


Tattoos for Wine Lovers


Words To Live By


Tiny Heart Best Friend Tattoos


When it comes to best friend tattoos, size does not matter. You and your friend can share a tattoo that covers your entire back, or you can go for a tiny heart tattoo on your upper body. When choosing a tattoo, make sure that it is something symbolic enough for you two that will always remind you of the special bond you guys share.


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