Jaw Dropping Ideas For Arm Tattoos For Men

Arms are quite simply the most sought after areas for a tattoo. Arm tattoos for men are amazing because there are so many possibilities and different options for you to choose from. Once you start looking at our photos, you will realize that there is no shortage of arm tattoos ideas, and definitely no limits as to what you can design and ink.

Arm tattoos for men are popular mostly because it is so simple to show off these tattoos boldly, but also to cover them up when necessary. And the ladies say that arm tattoos for men are pretty sexy, too.

Even though it may seem that there is only one placement option for these tattoos (your arm, duh), the truth is arms are pretty large and there is a lot of skin. You can settle for a design in one spot, multiple designs on different spots, or even half-sleeve and sleeve tattoos which cover up most of the arm. You can connect your arm tattoo to your shoulder or even chest, and make the design more captivating.  You’ll see lots of examples below.

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If you have no idea what sort of arms tattoo you would like, we are here to help. We will give you plenty of ideas, and once you find something you like the most, you can research it further. For example, if you are fascinated with sleeve tattoos, then you definitely must check out these amazing sleeve tattoos ideas.

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30. Intriguing Arm Tattoos for Men


Before you start creating your tattoo design, there are three things you need to remember about arm tattoos for men. The first one is obviously the placement of the tattoo. You need to think about certain factors in your life, such as your job, and whether your tattoo will affect them. If a full sleeve tattoo that could cause you some trouble, then it is definitely better to go for an upper arm tattoo or even shoulder tattoo that can easily be covered.

29. Simple Arm Tattoos for Men


The second thing you should think about is the pain. Yes, we know you are a tough guy, but not everyone can tolerate pain for long periods of time. And, let’s face it, the bigger the tattoo the more time it takes to finish it. Also, consider the fact that some places hurt less than the others. For example, muscle and fatty tissue make shoulder tattoos less painful than other arm tattoos for men (such as the forearm).

28. Geometric Tattoo


The last thing you should think about before trying to come up with your own design is the colors. Colorful arm tattoos for men look as great as the black ones. The color choice varies according to your personal choice and style. Also, those with paler skin have an advantage of brightly displaying colorful tattoos, whereas people with darker skin have to carefully pick the colors so the tattoo shows up.

27. Wolf Arm Tattoos for Men


26. Nature-Inspired Tattoos


25. Japanese Arm Tattoos for Men


24. Feather Tattoo


In many cultures feathers are connected with communication – feathers are often viewed as messages from the spirit world. Many people believed that when they came across a feather, their deceased loved one was actually sending them a message. However, there are many other messages feather arm tattoos for men may send. For example, a feather tattoo may symbolize freedom, enlightenment, purity, transformation, faith, and promise.

23. Interesting Triangle Tattoo


22. Tattoos for Fathers


21. Anchor Arm Tattoos For Men


20. Arrow Arm Tattoos for Men


19. Skull Sleeve Tattoos


18. Wing Arm Tattoos for Men


17. Tribal Sleeve Tattoo


16. Simple Lines Tattoo


15. Geometric Shapes Tattoo


14. Star Wars Arm Tattoos for Men


13. Knight In A Shiny Armor


12. Colorful Tattoos for Men


11. Compass Arm Tattoos for Men

Compass tattoos became very popular several decades ago, among the first sailors. For them, compass tattoos were a sort of a lucky charm. They believed it would protect them on rough waters and ensure that they would return home safely. A compass is a great idea for arm tattoos for men. You may also get it as a lucky charm or maybe this tattoo could have different symbolism for you. For example, a compass tattoo may be a reminder of always staying on course in life and not to give up no matter how rough things may get.

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10. Upper Arm Tattoos for Men


9. Shoulder & Arm Tribal Tattoo Tattoo


8. Half-Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo


Tribal tattoos and Polynesian arm tattoos for men are very popular these days. At first, they may seem like a bunch of lines inked together and made to look good. But, the truth is that most of those seemingly random lines actually stand for something. For example, on this man’s chest, you may notice something that resembles a head. The head is called Tiki. It represents Polynesian semi-gods and was usually tattooed for good luck. Another symbol you perhaps didn’t notice is the lizard (gecko) symbol.

Another symbol you perhaps didn’t notice is the lizard (gecko) symbol. It is on the wearer’s shoulder, right beneath the three ‘white’ arrows. Lizards and geckos are very important in the Polynesian culture. They are usually symbols of rebirth, (re)growth, and surviving disasters.

7. Dragon Arm Tattoos for Men


6. Tribal Upper Arm Tattoos for Men


5. 3D Arm Tattoos for Men


4. Map Of The World


3. Amazing Phoenix Tattoo


2. Quotes for Men


1. Lion Arm Tattoos for Men


If you are king of your life, meaning you are fully in control of it, then a lion tattoo may be the right choice for you. Lion arm tattoos for men are very popular, they can be combined with other symbols, and they have strong symbolic meaning. A lion tattoo may also remind you of certain important symbolic messages, such as:

  • Be strong, have courage.
  • Hold your head high, conduct yourself with dignity.
  • Always fight for those you love, fiercly.
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