34 Charming Ankle Butterfly Tattoos and Designs


Butterfly Tattoos

Ankle butterfly tattoos are the most up-to-date trend that is magnetizing the women and girls in a large number. This is apparently due to the feminine tap ankle butterfly tattoos put forward and the colors that this kind of designs can be blown up with. Top illustrated image proved, what we are saying here.

When you are preparing to get this kind of designs, there is no frontier for your imagination. Although, they are hitting a smudge in their popularity but still you can glamorize your ankle by inking a matchless kind of ankle butterfly tattoos. A cosmic variety of designs and tinge are available for butterfly tattoos for ankle, you can by no means collapse short of ideas. These tattoos not only beautify your ankle, but can also be a great symbol of love, majesty and the femininity.

Size and colors are two important factors to be considered. For size, small sizes are always recommended by experts due to pain factor linked with ankles. However, a large complex design also can be tattooed by involving lower leg or foot part. As far as colors are concerned, few colors are always recommended by experts. But in our views when it comes to butterflies a girl can stand firm herself from choosing various colors for her tattoo designs. You can embrace different flowers and vines or trailing plant along with the butterfly. Think about a cluster of butterflies drifting up and a single butterfly with its wings spread exactly on your ankle bone. So as to get more remarkable look, you can ink a butterfly pinched from the side balanced on a hibiscus or rose and sharp edge of grass.

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Thirty four beautiful butterfly ankle tattoo designs are presented here.

© Vsreddy_n. A group of tiny shining stars embellished with butterfly around ankle is always an admiring option.

You can never go wrong with simple black colored butterflies on your ankle.

© Stay Free Tattoos Gibbins. Butterflies on Sinead’s ankle. Looking charming.

Single large butterfly with spread wings Mama written in banner wrapping the butterfly wing.

© Haris Setiyono 46. Tattooing a butterfly exactly on your ankle bone is painful like hell. But glamor linked with it can enable many girls to tolerate that pain.

If you go with minimal colors with your ankle butterfly tattoo, then your piece will be done in less time, hence reducing time of pain tolerating.

© Beth, Carra Bear inked at Artistic Skin Design in Avon. Here birthday present for herself. Charming butterfly with tiny shining stars beautifying her ankle in a great way. Many girls tattoo a butterfly around her ankle in tough times, because it can give her positivity connected with that.

© Angela Reams. Style up your persona with a fashionable butterfly tattoo on ankle.

Charming butterfly with blue wings and stars portrayed into wings.

One more butterfly tattoo on ankle with tiny shining stars and enhancing twirls beautifying her tattoo more.

© Amanda, Motleye. Butterfly hovering over lotus, what a charming butterfly tattoo ideas for ankles.

A butterfly tattooed around ankle can give more pleasing look with smooth sandals and strappy high-heeled flip-flops.

© John Gage, The Tattoo Studio, Kent. Charming butterflies tattooed around ankle with beautiful tribal twirls.

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Like the matchless wings of butterfly depicted here

© Tori Anderson, Mr.craig at Spellbound Tattoo. Charming butterfly with brother name “Derek” inked on inner right ankle.

Embellishing tribal pattern with butterfly look so charming.

© Sabrina Ricci. Some people named butterfly ankle tattoos as prettiness for pain. That’s not wrong.

© Jackle, Dayakie inked by Toni at Modern Body Art. Wonderful click of a wonderful butterfly tattoo on ankle. Love the light colors used, dark typical colors not used by the artist. The most lovable part is white color used in the tiny stars and butterfly wings.

© Tuskat Armon Armon Tuskat. Charming butterfly ankle tattoo with beautifying smoky grey flower, lettering and twirls.

© Red Dog Tattoo, Spain. A large Lorraines Butterfly looking charming with tribal twirls.

© Synthara. Parides ascanius butterfly beautifying her right ankle. You can never go wrong with just black color butterfly, as extremely colorful one can get fade quickly.

© Xelen. Extremely charming butterfly tat on ankle with letter A.

© Shadow Tat. Charming butterfly tat with tribal twirls. Butterfly has many colors. Preparing for getting an extremely colorful tattoo, make sure that you are going to get it by a right person.

© Vinyard83. Sugary and willowy tribal style butterfly in black.

© Raven Warlock. Fantastic leaves with butterfly inked on ankle.

© Sabrina Elizabeth Hackett Photography and Body art. Cherry blossom twig is obviously something that can work great on ankles with butterfly.

© Zeek911 by Nate rogers at eternal tattoo. Flower twig with butterfly in nice colors looking amazingly charming. You should judge the design and site of tattoo cautiously.

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© Ivan Serdar. Amazingly charming ankle butterfly tattoo. Butterfly circling ankle bone with beautifying twirls is an option you must check out.


© Tommi Crazy. Floral concept with butterfly always rock if done on ankle beautifully.

© 2Face Tattoo. Hibiscus ankle tattoo with butterfly can be used to style up your ankle.

© Thirteen 7s. Butterflied hovering around rose is something that can’t be forgotten easily. Love the combination of purple and black color in butterflies.

© Sabrina Ricci. Another charming ankle butterfly tattoo with purple colored and transparent wings.

© Tony Fontana. Another charming tattoo idea for ankle of small skulls and butterfly threaded by beautifying blue twirls. Hoping that you have discovered a great idea for your ankle butterfly tattoos.

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