30 Skull Tattoos That Are Not At All What You Thought


Skull tattoos are one of the few tattoos that have stood the test of time. First skull tattoos appeared in the early 20th century. However, they are just as popular today as they have always been. Whether they are on their own or combined with other elements such as roses or daggers, they are definitely going to make a statement.  BUT, skull tattoos are not just about fear and death.  This collection features romance and beauty, too.

There are hundreds of existing designs, so people want to make sure that their tattoo is one of a kind. But, you shouldn’t let this worry you. You may take someone else’s tattoo as your inspiration; just make sure to add your own touch and that that tattoo means something to you.

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If you add your own flair, your tattoo will speak a language that brings out your personality. These tattoos are quite controversial. For some people, skull symbol is morbid and connected with death. However, for others it is cool. A skull tattoo has many symbolic meanings, and, in addition, it can show everyone that you live life by your own rules. It will definitely add some spunk to your daring personality.

As always, we have gathered some the most stunning tattoo designs for you. Keep scrolling to check them out, and to find out some interesting facts. Hopefully, you will get some great ideas and finally make that draft of your own skull tattoo.

30. Vintage Skull Tattoo


29. Beautiful Finger Skull Tattoo


28. Amazing Roses & Skull Tattoos


Skull tattoos are quite often combined with roses. Have you ever wondered what do they mean? Roses are beautiful, and they usually symbolize the beauty of something. And, without a doubt, roses can also be a symbol of love. But, when they are combined with a skull, their meaning changes a bit.

Sometimes a skull and roses tattoo may be a tribute to the loved one who has passed away. When it comes to love, roses with thorns and a skull may symbolize that love is beautiful, indeed, but it always involves some sacrifice or pain. Also, such tattoos may stand for lost love.

27. Sugar Skull Tattoos


Have you heard of sugar skull tattoos? They are usually very beautiful since they typically involve a skull combined with flowers. Sugar skulls originally come from the Mexican culture and the Dia de Los Muertos. Their symbolic meaning is pretty strong. To find out more about these tattoos, click here.

26. Watercolor Skull Tattoo


25. Lady Skull


24. Scary Skull & Beautiful Rose


Tattoos have almost indefinite possible interpretations, and that is also the case with roses and skull tattoos. One more thing such tattoo can represent is the duality of life and death. Live for the beautiful present, since death will come to get us all. But, this shouldn’t be seen as something negative, since new life comes from death.

In addition, the skull and a rose (or roses) can symbolize the birth of a new life once the obstacles or enemies have been defeated.

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23. Skull Tattoos for Men


22. Leg Skull Tattoos for Women


Skull tattoos can be pretty symbolic. Sometimes, people get them as a reminder of the transitory human life and all the earthly pleasures. This belief comes from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. In the Renaissance skulls were the symbols of earthly things, greed, and superficiality. As mentioned, they were also a reminder of the temporary nature of earthly life.

21. Beautifully Decorated Skull Tattoo


20. Arm Skull Tattoos for Men


19. Creative Skull Tattoos Ideas


18. Mysterious Skull Tattoos


17. Pink Rose & A Skull


16. Crown, Skull, Time


15. Intriguing Skull Tattoos


14. Skull & Crow

Skull tattoos designs ideas men women girls guys best (25)

13. Colorful Skull Tattoos


Usually, people find skull tattoos appalling, because they subconsciously connect them automatically to death. But, we should always think things through before making the final decision. The Celts revered the skull. For them, it was the symbol of the anima (soul) or the spark of life. They believed skulls were seats of souls, and, in addition, they source of human motivation was housed in the skull – our mind. Here are some Celtic symbolic meanings related to the skull: time, power, divinity, gateway, creation, concentration, initiation.

12. Skull Tattoos Ideas for Men


11. Meaningful Skull Tattoos


10. Forearm Skull Tattoos


9. The Test of Time


8. Upper Arm Sugar Skull Tattoos


Since skulls are already associated with death, one of the things skull tattoos can symbolize overcoming of death. They can be a symbol of strength and power, and help the wearer feel protected.

One of the things skull tattoos can also symbolize is the death of an old life; the past that was left behind and a change for better that is happening. If you pay attention to the tattoo on the image above, you will notice a skull “wearing” a sugar skull mask. Such tattoo may be a reminder of duplicity, and of the fact that things are not always the way they seem to be.

7. Captivating Skull Tattoo Ideas


6. Dark Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos designs ideas men women girls guys best (21)

5. Skull Tattoo Quotes

Skull tattoos designs ideas men women girls guys best (20)

4. Pirate Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos designs ideas men women girls guys best (2)

The image of a skull started spreading almost simultaneously with Spanish colonies. It was mostly used by pirates in the 17th and 18th century on their Jolly Roger flags. The skulls were either on their own or combined crossbones. Flags were primarily worn to inspire terror and to warn the victims about horrible faith that will hit them if they do not surrender. Pirates are a source of inspiration to many people nowadays, mostly because of their lifestyle – living on the fringes of society and creating their own rules. Skull tattoos inspired by pirate flags can be a great way for a person to express their own ideals of freedom and individuality.

3. Flashy Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos designs ideas men women girls guys best (15)

2. Leg Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos designs ideas men women girls guys best (11)

1. Brilliant Skull Tattoos Ideas


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