26 Tempting Swirl Tattoos Stars Swirls, Butterfly Swirls, Flower Swirls

Star Swirl Tattoos

Swirl Tattoos

Ornamental curvy outlines habitually affix an extra beauty to different tattoo designs. Swirl tattoos with solid gloominess create a sensuous effect with long stylish ornamental curves. Here we are tempting 26 swirl tattoos those are often used with stars, butterfly and flowers in order to give a glorious touch to your artwork.

In top photo you will find a stylish star swirl tattoo design on rib. In order to give great artistic to the normal design artist use these swirls. Some times these are in tribal outlines and sometimes they are with floral or vines outlines for female designs. Most of the typical hand drawn designs have ornamental curvy swirls included.

Swirls give a dynamic and living wave or glorious effect to tattoo art. Swirl tattoos designs are used in horizontal and vertical both kind of ways. Guys prefer tribal outlines of swirls with their tattoo art and girls love floral ornamental curves that are typically combined with fairies, butterfly and flowers, text with stylish cursive font and shooting stars. Placement of these designs vary from small hand or wrist tattoos to large rib, back of lower back tattoos.

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Some of the chosen best swirl tattoos designs for men and women are listed here for you.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (1)© CNG Photography. Swirl tattoos for women. Magnificent tattoo artist put it together for. It can be all bits and pieces of her life. It looks very similar to typical henna tattoo designs.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (11)© Dead Nite. Swirly fairy tattoo design with shooting stars. Fairy is a female curvy picture, so stylish curvy swirls can be blended easily with hair and wings etc.,

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (10)© Miguel Angel Tattoo. Feminine swirl tattoo idea looking so stylish. Dots with swirls have a strong bond. They add more glorious effect to the design.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (9)Swirl tattoos on hand. Side of hand if very popular feminine choice for tattooing. And adding that beautiful ornamental curves with dots make it more stylish.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (8)© Nick D Angelo Tattoos. Flower swirl tattoos. A floral swirl design going down from shoulder to hip side. Floral swirls can add a mind blowing stylish effect to even a normal flower tattoo design.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (7)© Evil little blue. Flower swirl tattoos for girls. It looks wow. Great black roses, thorns, stars and butterflies beautifully united with the curvy swirls. Actually, female body curves are best suitable with curvy swirls. That’s why 9 out of 10 ornamental tattoos are seen on female bodies. Rather than copying design from a photo of someone else tattoo like so many people do. You must enjoy your OWN tattoo, don’t copy someone else. If these swirls fit on her tattoo, than there is no guarantee that they will fit on your body too.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (2)© 2Face-Tattoo. Butterfly swirl tattoos. Stylish butterfly swirls inked on back. Butterfly have curvy wings so by adding long glorious swirls to your simple butterfly tattoo design, you can give a great artistic to your tattoo art.

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25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (3)So, dear I love him. Quote swirl tattoos. That with him all deaths I could endure, without him live no life. Your favorite lines with cursive font and some stylish swirls you can make a your own unique and glorious tattoo design. All lines are covered with stylish floral swirls.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (3)© 2Face-Tattoo. Lily flower swirl tattoos designs. Lily flowers are often united with swirls to complete the design. Long glorious swirls and dots together create a mind blowing effect. They work as a decorative tool.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (6)© Evil little Blue. Henna swirl tattoos. Glorious henna based tattoo design of swirls. Mostly henna tattoos have small or long glorious swirls blended with. Flower outlines look so cool here.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (5)© 2Face-Tattoo. Star swirl tattoos. Stylish starry starry lily flower tattoo with swirls looks so gorgeous. Sometimes swirls are used to add continuity to the design. Her foot looking so gorgeous. Colorful lilies with soft curves looking gorgeous together with soft curvy swirls and stars.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (12)© Welcome to Reality. Flower swirl tattoos on shoulder looks so cute here. Two swirls going in opposite direction with a mandala like flower in the middle look great.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (17)© Catniptt. Black star swirl tattoos. Black swirls give a glorious feel with black small stars here.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (13)© Mig-fighter. Flower swirly tattoos. Blue colored stylish swirls look great on her feet. Flowery design add a ornamental touch to her feet.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (18)© Tattoo Tony. Butterfly swirl tattoos. Swirly butterfly tat looks stylish going down from neck back to mid back. Ornamental touch of swirls complete this design.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (14)© Miguel Angel. Lily swirly tattoo on shoulder of a lady. Lily flowers with red color make up the tattoos. Ornamental swirls complete this lovely vertical design.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (19)© Lady Black Creek. Butterfly swirl tattoos. This vertical design couldn’t be completed without swirls. Lovely the shadow of swirls going on sticking to original.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (15)© Wikke Done. Star swirly tattoos on foot. Pink and gold make an attractive mishmash together, in this tattoo. One big golden star is surrounded by many smaller ones and swirl add continuity and brace stars together.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (20)© Ken Power. Flower swirl tattoos on foot. Many flowers in different colors and sizes can’t be braced together without ornamental swirls. They are performing two jobs in her foot tattoo design. One is to brace flowers together and another one is add artistic stylish touch to the over all tattoo design.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (16)© Tattoo4 Life. Lovely swirly tattoo on wrist. Double lines of swirls looking so stunning here.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (21)© Time to take back. Flower swirl tattoos. Swirly flower foot tattoo design. Fine ink-work with swirls add a glorious and pretty touch.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (22)© Time to take back. Star swirl tattoos. Bold swirls with stars look stylish. The oblique rib tattoo demonstrate swirly patterns and stars in one unique stylish way.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (23)© Karlino boy. Swirl tattoos on foot. Stylish swirls with lovely shadow effect on feet of a lady.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (24)© Tuskat Armon Ink. Ankle swirly tattoo looks stunning. Important single letter is surrounded by stardust, small flowers and swirls.

25 Tempting Swirl Tattoos (25)© BMX Ninja. Flower swirl tattoos on foot. One neatly patterned big flower with broken tiny petals. A few swirls conclude the an elegant design. Surely, you have found a tempting tattoo from these swirl tattoos designs.

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