38 Best Female and Male Stomach Tattoos


Male and females are going wild for the stomach tattoos. Upper area of stomach above the belly button is popular for male stomach tattoos, and lower area of stomach below the belly button is popular choice for females.

Positions of tattoos is not a restriction for tattoo enthusiasts, no doubt that by positioning a tattoo on stomach females and males can decorate their flat stomachs, they get by working a lot of hard word, as well tattoos on this position looks amazingly sexy.

Females prefer lower stomach tattoos since they are very gorgeous and distinctive designs and positions like lower back, shoulder and arm have become very familiar. At the same time, they can show off their lower belly tattoos when they want to flash their flirty moods and these designs are really easy to secrete.

By putting up a low waists or short tops, they love to flaunt their tattoos. Males really work hard in gyms to get flat bellies and in form of stomach tattoos they get a gift for their six or eight pack abs. And at the same time they get chance to add masculine feature to their bodies by tattooing their stomachs.

For females, there is no restriction of designs. Designs varying from flowers to star, tribal to birds are popular for them. Similarly, there is no restriction of designs for male also. Designs varying from tribal to biomechanical, quote stomach tattoos to portrait belly tattoos are popular for them.

Prepare yourself by looking at image gallery of best stomach tattoos for males and females below.

Stomach Tattoos For Females

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© Best Ink or Not. Sexy women inked with both upper stomach and lower stomach tattoos.

© Micheal Langdale Art. Octopus stomach tattoos. Awesome octopus tattooed on stomach of a girl.

© Roxy Renze Watson. Quote stomach tattoo of female. The quote is “Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.” Anchor and floral piece is looking gorgeous here.

© Abaddon Tattoo Studios. Quote stomach tattoos for girls. Truly blessed quote beautifully positioned on her lower stomach.

© Rachel Harper. Lower stomach tattoos for girls. Sexy lotus flower tattoo inked on lower stomach of a girl below belly button.

© Cell Girlie 88. In order to cover some bad scare a nice floral stomach tattoo piece can be worn by women.

© Vinny Morris, Eccentric Traditional. Beautiful tribal stomach tattoos inked just awesomely.

© Chris Rand. Quote stomach tattoos with cute swallows looking awesome on her lower belly. The quote is “Today my heart swings.”

© Tattoos by Panda. Quote stomach tattoo designs. Some burn their fatty tummy and some their their life down to see who become their fans. Lyrics stomach tattoos are really awesome.

© Chris Henry. Anchor stomach tattoos designs. Traditional anchor and swallow tattoo inked on stomach of a girl. That naval piercing look cute.

© Abbey Saunders Tattoos. Lower stomach tattoo designs for girls. Purple floral theme inked flawlessly on her lower stomach.

© Lady Byrd Seyes. Sexy girl showing her lower belly tattoo.

© Dots to lines, Chaim Machlev. Beautiful flower stomach tattoo of a girl really impresses us.

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Eagle Stomach Tattoo of a Female.

© Ryan Ashley Malarkey.Filigree stomach tattoos designs. A large filigree stomach piece can be worn by women to cover their minor pregnancy marks. Though, if harsh and deep stretchmarks are very difficult. However, her flower stomach tattoo is really beautiful.

Six shooters stomach tattoos for women. Women who positioned six shooters on his stomach is really sexy.

Women flashing out her lovely lower stomach tattoo by pulling up her beautiful polka dot dress.

Stomach Star Tattoo

Tribal stomach tattoo prettily covering her belly button.

That big stomach tattoo piece is really awesome.

© Megan Carroll By Sal, Shogun Tattoo. Wings stomach tattoos. Never lose hope, a Diamond wing tattoo on her lower stomach.

Sexy lower belly tattoos for girls. Bull skull tattoo on lower stomach flashing out her flirty as well hard side.

Tiger stomach tattoo of this girl impresses us.

Swallows stomach tattoos. Traditional Sailor Jerry type swallows tattooed on lower stomach.

Stomach quote tattoo looking cute. The quote is “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

That water color flower tattoos on her lower stomach are really awesome. Watercolor stomach tattoos.

Stomach Tattoos For Males

© Frus Tattoo. Snake and dagger tattoo form a perfect male stomach tattoo for him.

© Best Ink or Not. Koi fish stomach tattoo flashing out his hard work incurred by him for getting those sexy six pack abs.

© Corti Solkid. Traditional tiger stomach tattoo added as one more masculine feature to his personality.

© Derek Walstad, Deedub 90, Nate Ink and Paint. Quote stomach tattoos for men.

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© House of Color, Lancelev Art. Realistic stomach tattoos. Realistic portrait of London clock tower on stomach of a men. This kind of architecture tattoo can be inked by guys for flashing out their love for any kinda place.

© Sinead Kay Tattoo. Crown tattoo on lower stomach of men.

© Adzee 83, The Thaynes. Belly tattoos for men. Gangster theme tattoo inked on belly of a men.

© Dean Hughes. Panther belly tattoos. Traditional type of design tattooed on stomach of a guy.

© Best Ink or Not. Full chest to stomach tattoos. Some males can opt out with ink pieces that cover both their chests and stomachs.

© John Gage. Big stomach tattoos designs. Big space of stomach can be utilized for tattooing big tattoos like this wizard and viking tattoo.

© Phoenix Tattoos. An awesome bio mechanical stomach tattoo of a men.

Stomach tattoos provide a big arc, that can be tattooed with some really creative and big tattoo designs. For females, who get them before marriage or having babies, these designs may not be wiser choice. But gorgeousness of these tattoos are attracting them equally like males. After pregnancy women can have a touch up. Hoping that you’ve got a great tattoo idea from these stomach tattoos designs for yourself.

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