111 Artistic and Striking Flower Tattoos Designs


Flower tattoos can be perceived easily tattooed on different people on different placements. Varieties of flower gifted by mother nature to mankind and those varieties can be transformed to ink on body.

When you present flowers to your closed ones, then they die very soon. But we can assure you that if you tattoo a flower on your body to present anything, then in the closing stages your tattoo is liable to be enormously multivalued and very conspicuous.

Flower tattoos designs have shown expansion in the last few decades especially after contraption of colorful tattooing, and authentication to the fact that female started getting ink. So, floral tattoos are over and over again first tattoo for a female who desires something reasonably restrained. Indisputably, they are more than a sweet image on a sweet female though.

We deny misconception that male doesn’t get flower tattoos as their masculine tattoos. Variety of flower tattoos designs can be ahead of our prospect. They can be small and delicate or they can be big, bold, colorful and assorted. They can be used in sleeve tattoos for male. You can have just a single flower or a sequence of flowers, or you can coalesce them with vines, fairies, butterflies, birds and ladybugs for creating a delicate feminine appearance.

Almost every species of flowers including hibiscus or Hawaiian, lotus in different colors, cherry blossom, lilies in different colors, daisies, tulips, roses, sunflowers can used as a tattoo on your body. The unsurpassed part of flower designs is that they can be inked on almost every placement of body from wrists to back in any size from tiny to large full back pieces.

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© Lee Piercy. Gorgeous flower tattoos on back. These designs endow with the definitive statement of femininity and design looks very feminine, elegant and sweet. They epitomize the female form.

© Miguel Angel. Colorful flower tattoos are available in almost every color. Get inked your favorite color with your floral tat.

© Evil Tattoo Piotr. Mak flower tattoo tattooed on arm of a women Like old red flowers and the incorporation of the vine design number 3 outliner. There are more things you can incorporate with your flower design.

Blue flower tattoos designs. The shading of the blue colors with no typical black outlines in this tattoo is very striking.

Colorful flower tattoos designs. Fantastically green vines incorporated with colorful flowers in her sexy back piece.

© White Shaix and designed by Koshii. Passion flower tattoo with beautiful details on a girl’s back

© Asuss 06. Full body floral tattoo design of calla lilies. Lilies are some of the most fantastic designs due to their artistic structure and eye catching colors.

Bunch of flowers tattoo without outlines look so striking.


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