33 Encourage Faith Tattoos Designs

Faith Tattoos

Many things can encourage faith in spiritual and religious beliefs and faith tattoos are few of them. Like hope, tattoos of faith could pass on to one’s attitude of life, philosophy, set of guidelines, not necessary to pass on religious beliefs.

Faith is a conviction in someone philosophy of living life or something which could be religious beliefs like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jewish, Christianity, Islam, etc. or trust in the connection of family or self-belief of love.

Faith is something that’s very personal, but no need to keep it undisclosed. Faith is not determined by the sight, rather than it is determined by your trust and belief. It is an influential emotion and is the moving force in our own world.

Belief in you is equal to belief in Almighty God. That’s the philosophy of life, on which books can be written. But without elaborating anything and moving forward when we talk about faith tattoo designs, then a religious symbol like Cross, Ohm, David Star, a part of bible quote or the picture of Jesus Christ or the Buddha could be tattooed to articulate the faith of people in the form of tattoos.

Faiths tattoos are generally seen tattooed on upper and obvious part of the body, i.e, the arm, back, neck and wrist varying according to the sizes. But that’s not a strict rule many articulate their faiths by inking their legs and foot also. Most tattoos that people ink to articulate their faiths to have the actual word “faith” in it. The differentiation in the designs may come due to the actual font used to ink the word. Other elements such as bird, infinity sign, flower and butterfly those are noteworthy to the faiths, and at the same time they are not strictly connected with any particular religion are included to make faith tattoos more special and more personal.

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Many great faith tattoo designs for men and women are mentioned here.

Word Faith Tattoos

© Lolita Solita. Christian faith tattoos. Tricky way to articulate your Christian faith, by inking T of faith word like a cross.

© Affiliated Tattoo Family, Ben German. Walk by faith tattoo inked on feet prettily.

© INK SLINGERS SPRINGFIELD MO. Articulate and encourage your faith in a philosophy of particular way of living life by inking this have faith tattoo with a flying butterfly.

© Flu Bunny 847. Rosary faith tattoos on chest. Articulate your religious faith by inking a rosary, cross, butterfly and the word faith in it.

© Demilo Vatomad. Faith tattoo for women. Faith established by flying birds tattooed prettily on forearm of a women.

© Deb Medina. Word faith tattooed with a unique font on foot.

© Miami Wynwood. Faith tattoos for men. Faith tattooed like a reflected mirror scripture with a water color ink. Encourage your faith in this way.

Butterfly is noteworthy to add with your word faith tattoo.

Word faith tattoo tattooed with a stylish font.

A noteworthy flower can encourage your faith when inked on your feet with word faith.

Bible verse faith tattoo designs. For we live by faith, not by sight. A noteworthy verse from bible for strengthening your religious faith.

© Shari S Sbots, Beltane. For some parents and family are their faiths. So, articulate your faith by inking cute wrist faith tattoo.

Faith tattoo on forearm. Stone effect faith, for an influential faith like stone.

© Kaleb Quast. Keep the faith tattoo on back.

© Defiance Tattoos. Have faith in me tattoo inked on back, with a charming blurring font.

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© Nelle, Immortal Ink. Ambigram faith tattoo inked on forearm. A lovely faith ambigram tattoo for strengthening your faith.

© Luke Stubbs. Hope and faith tattoo on wrist.

© Tattoosbydick. Swallow with faith tattoos. Articulate your philosophy of with hope comes faith by inking words with flying swallow on your rib.

© Evelyn D’Esposito. Faith and hope tattoo inked on chest with praying hands, rosary and cross. What an encouraging way to articulate your Christian faith.

© David Hernandez. Hope and faith tattoo on wrists.

© James. Hope and faith tattoo scripture inked with a lovely stylish font on both sides of shoulders.

Faith Symbol Tattoos

Infinity faith tattoo is a great sign for articulating your faith. Faith neck tattoo.

Silhouette of a dove bird, infinity sign and faith providing an encouraging faith tattoo for her.

Faith infinity sign tattoo with cute flying birds.

© Mariahn Matarazzo. The butterfly signals us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives. So, with infinity, butterfly can give a great faith symbol tattoo.

Cross faith tattoos. You gotta have faith, the cross is a great sign for articulating your Christian faith.

Christian faith tattoo with infinity sign.

Tattooing crucifixion of Jesus is the best way for strengthening the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Dove and Cross faith tattoo is undoubtedly the best way for articulating faith in the religion.

© Josh de la Garza. Heart and faith tattoo inked close to your heart can articulate your faith in a better way.

© Joseph Flores, Evil Flores Art. A cross with free-flying warrior birds can encourage your faith in a nice way.

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Faith family infinity tattoo for articulating your faith in family connection. Nice faith tattoo designs for those who have faith to love their families. Surely, you have chosen your faith tattoo idea.


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